Thank you for visiting deviceteck.com and counting on us for reliable information on mobile device maintenance and repair. Please take a few moment to read our policies below.

  1. Deviceteck.com reserve the right to change its policies from time to time. The latest policies will always be found here and users with accounts will always be notified by e-mail
  2. You understand that the information regarding repair and maintenance in this web site are correct.
  3. Damages done to your device as a result of misapplication of information found here will be at your own risk.
  4.  Posting misleading information that can result to damaging other user’s devices will result to banning of the offender’s account after repeated warning.
  5. Users of deviceteck.com may not post pornographic or extreme violent contents.
  6. Users may not spam others by sending duplicate messages or bulk malicious messages.
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