Ch3. Disassembling A Phone

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At this point, it has become very obvious to you that you will have to disassemble a faulty phone before you can repair it. Since all phone have different ways of disassembling them, it is very necessary for you as a beginner to be familiar with the different styles of disassembling them. In some phones, disassembling their casing could be fairly easy, but others are not. Some phone screws are positioned in hidden places. For this reason, you must be very careful, observant and sensible. How To Open Tecno Phones.

NOTE: Disassembling some phones will render their warranty void.

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How To Open A Phone

Phone are assembled generally in two ways. Either with screws or without screws. Let us now learn how to open those phones with screws and then those without screws.

Phones With Screws

The first thing to do if you want to open a device is to remove the back battery cover. Now determine the positions of the screws. Some phones have 4 screws, others have 6, while others have more. Use the right screw driver to remove the screws from the phone. Some screw holes can be covered with round rubber that makes it hard to know if a screw is in that position. If you found any such rubber in a suspected screw position, use a pin to pull it out and then unscrew the screw out.

When all the screws are out, look at the side of the phone and check for a tiny space where you can open the phone from. Some phones have this opening space at the top edge (corner), while other phones have their at the bottom edge of the phone. If you have found the opening space for your phone, use a flat screw driver to make this space bigger while the upper casing separate from the bottom casing. If it is hard to use a flat screw driver to separate the casing, keep using the flat screw driver to separate the casing from the opening space at different positions.

How To Open Tecno Phones

When the casing finally opens, do not quickly entirely remove it from the phone. If the speaker is soldered to the PCB and attached to the back casing and you forcefully remove it, the speaker might get damaged. Carefully remove speaker from the back cover before entirely removing it.

Phones Without Screws

The same process if followed. The only difference is that you will not unscrew any screw. Does this means that this is easier than disassembling a phone with screws? No. Not at all. Since there are no screws, manufacturers of these devices will be sure that the phone is strong so that even when it falls it will not open. Opening this kind of strong device is not easy. Only more care is needed in order not to damage anything.

Final Warning
before disassembling a phone, be sure that there are no SIM cards or memory card inside. During the process, especially for the first time, be sure not to damage any part such as the screen inside. While reassembling a phone you have disassembled will not be too hard, it is very important that you take notice of components to take out of the phone while working and replace them to their correct positions before reassembling the device. How To Open Tecno Phones


  • Care is needed to disassemble a device
  • A screw driver is needed to unscrew all the screws in the phone before opening it.
  • A flat screw driver is needed to separate the phone casing from each other.
  • Remove all SIM cards and memory card from the phone before disassembling it.

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