www npower gov ng – How To Get Employed

www npower gov ng – How To Get Employed

Have you registered with N-power and was not among those employed? Well, it is not surprising. There are thousands of people, if not up to a million, hoping to get employed when only few hundreds are needed. If you must be employed you must be on top of your game. But this is not like live interviews, it is an online registration. How then can one be on top of his game here? This is the focus of this article -www npower gov ng – How To Get Employed

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www npower gov ng

If you are about to register and you want to make sure you get employed maybe this article can help you optimize your registration performance overall. However, this is not a guarantee that you will be employed. The suggestions here will only increase your chances of being employed.

What N-power.gov.ng Really Wants

Go to the application portal page and you will find the four available work space – HEALTH, AGRO,TEACH AND TAX. For each of this programs an optional additional skills and experiences can be added below. This is what you need at this time.

The skills and  experience required are listed below

    • ¬†Server Administration
      Computer Graphics Design
      Computer Programming
      Database Management
      Development of Computer Generated Images

www npower gov ng - How To Get Employed

Before you apply, make sure you have at least one of these skills. At least a little knowledge of it and keep learning after you apply. Why is this reasonable. Put yourself in place of an employers who hire teachers. You probably would employ those with additional skills such as animation. Children loves animation and this is a vital advantage to the one seeking teaching job. Database Management skill is an advantage to the one seeking employment in tax office. OK, these are just imaginary example.

The point is that you need an additional skill and experience to have a better chance of getting employed in one of the four programs. If you do not have any skill or experience tick on a skill you want to learn, submit and start learning immediately online. Hopefully, before something comes up, you should have sufficient experience needed in that skill.


You are about to enter the application portal for the N-Power programme. To serve you better, we advise that you have the following ready before you go on to apply

  1. Your 11 Digit Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  2. Surname, First Name and Middle Name as registered on your BVN. Please note that your personal information must match with your information as registered for your BV
  3. Your 10 digit Bank Account Number
  4. A pen and paper to record your unique reference number.

Best of Luck!

N-Power Support Team.

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