Want to Buy a New Tecno Phone? Check out These Five Tips

Imagine walking into a mobile store to get a new Tecno mobile device. The sales person persuaded you to go for a beautifully designed model of a specific make with the assurance that all modern features are supported by the device. You realized that the cost for getting the device is fair and went for it. With a smile in your face you left without testing if the device is really what you want because you were told to have the battery fully charged before you operate. You got home and fully set to operate it. What you saw after turning it on surprises you, leaving you shocked – It simply is not what you expected.

We all want to have good smart phones with all modern features. However, there are lots of cloned and fake phones that offers less than we expert. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between these two as they mostly maintain the same design. Here are some few tips to help you.

How to Identify Fake Tecno Phones.

1. The Boot Logo

 From the store where you purchased your device, take a few moment to power the phone on. Watch the way the tecno logo is animated as the phone boots. There are two ways an original tecno logo can be introduced depending on the one used by Tecno developers. Check out the images below to see these two boot logos. During the booting, If the device does not show any of the two methods below, it surely is not the original.




2. Screen resolution

 Although Tecno devices’ screen are not as clear, bright and sharp as those of Samsung’s and other high quality phones, we can reasonably say that it has good quality. Therefore, if you are buying, for example, the Tecno H5, be sure that the quality of the screen resolution is high. If you are not sure about this, you can compare with other known original Tecno devices.

3. Try the About Phone

 This is a better way of identifying a fake smart device. Go to the settings of the device and scroll to the extreme end. Tap on the “About Phone” and see the original device model and android version. A fake Tecno p3 will display a different model here, while the original tecno p3 will display the correct model along with other information about the device


4. Check the Futures

Sometimes, a tecno phone may be original but has a faulty ROM (Read Only Memory). This can cause some of the features like bluetooth or wi-fi from working. A Tecno device with this common problem is the Tecno M3. So, be sure to check out the features of your devices before paying.

What do you Think?

It is necessary to operate the device you are purchasing right in the store before purchasing. If a device is not the original, then you can be sure that it will easily get bad and in most cases, replacement parts for fake or cloned phones are not easily found.

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