USB Device Not Recognize Or Detected On Tecno Phone

USB Device Not Recognize Or Detected On Tecno Phone

Below is a quick fix solution USB Device Not Recognize Or Detected On Tecno Phone. The solution in this article will work for all tecno devices and may be attempted by anyone and not just Technicians alone. Before you begin with this process, first be sure that the issue is not from the USB port of your computer.

PC Does Not Recognize Tecno Phone USB Solution

The first time you connect a mobile phone to a computer, the phone will take a few minutes to install all necessary drivers on the computer in order to be recognized. If you have been interrupting this process, then stop it. Let the process complete and install all necessary drivers for a successful connection.

You need the vcom drivers installed on your computer in order for your computer to recognize your phone especially for flashing. Without this drivers, you cannot flash your Tecno phone with a PC. These drivers help create communications between your computer and the mobile phone. Also, if you install these drivers but were not properly installed, you may experience the same problem.

The USB Cable
If the USb cable is bad, you surely will get this error message when connecting your mobile phone to your computer. There are lots of fake Chinese made USB cable in the market today. These fake cables hardly properly connect a device to a computer. One funny thing, though, is that a fake USB cable may successfully connect one phone to a computer but cannot connect another phone to a computer. Whatever the case may be, consider changing your USB cable. Try an original one.

The Battery
This issue may arise if the battery in the device has gone beyond the 0% level. If you get the USB Device Not Recognize message on your computer, try check if the battery is well charged or healthy. If not, it might need a replacement.

The USB Charging Port
This is one of the major reason for this problem. It once happened to me. Phone was connecting to PC as normal. After changing the USB charging port, my PC display the USB Device Not Recognize message when I tried to connect. After further work and adjustments on the charging port, everything went back to normal.

If you have previously changed or worked on the USB charging port, have a technician look at it to tell whether it is responsible for the connection failure. Usually if one of the 4 terminals of the USB connectors loose contact with the panel of the phone (especially the DM and DP), this USB Device Not Recognize message will be the result.

So far, these are the known fix to USB Device Not Recognize issue. If you have a similar issue or if any of the suggestions above could not solve your problem, please let us know through our forum

USB Device Not Recognize Or Detected On Tecno Phone

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