Tecno Y6 Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno Y6 Problems And Their Solutions

So you have the Tecno y6 and you feel the need to solve some its problems alone without the help of a technician. Well, all mobile phone normally makes life  difficult if they start having one problem or another. Lots of people out there really want to solve these problems by themselves, but information on doing so is hard to find. What are the common problems with Tecno y6? What solutions are there for these problems? Below, we will consider some of these Tecno Y6 Problems And Their Solutions.

Tecno Y6 Charging Problem

This is one of the problems many users of tecno Y6 complain of. If your phone is not charging at all or the charger connect and disconnect, don’t worry. The solution is easy. First of, make sure that the battery is in good health. If it is not, change the battery. If it is not, change the USB cable and the charger and try charging the phone with a better charger and USB cable. also make sure that you charge the phone for a long time. This is because if the battery goes below it usual or normal limit, it might take some time before the charging sign appears on the phone. If non of the above does not work, then contact a phone technician to fix the USB port of your device.

Tecno Y6 Power Problem

The phone may not turn on if the battery has gone beyond its charge limit. Try to charge the phone for a long time for the battery to boost up. If the phone recently come in contact with water, remove the battery from it and keep in a hot place for some time to allow the water to dry out. If a phone had come in contact with water and nothing was done about it, it could prevent the it from powering on. One more thing you can try is to remove any accumulated dirts from the battery terminals of the battery, gently scratch the surface of the battery terminals in the phone to create an easy connection between the battery and the phone, insert the battery back into the phone and try again – Tecno Y6 Problems And Their Solutions.

Tecno Y6 Charging Slow

Get a battery server app from play store to help boost the rate at which your phone charges. You can also try changing your charger too. Operating the phone while charging will not help. If possible, turn off the phone while charging.

Tecno Y6 Battery Drains Fast

In this article, I mentioned some ways to make your battery last. Check it out. Here are some points from that post.

    • Always close all apps after using them
    • Reduce the brightness of your screen
    • Uninstall necessary apps from your phone.
    • Always turn data off after browsing
    • Restrict background data

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