Tecno Y4 Problems And Solutions – Fix It Yourself

Tecno Y4 Problems And Solutions – Fix It Yourself

What will you do if your Tecno Y4 suddenly stops working or charging? Throw it away or hand it over to an engineer? Before you do that, you might want to consider the suggestions in this post. Find easy fix solutions to common Tecno Y4 problems below – Tecno Y4 Problems And Solutions – Fix It Yourself.

Tecno Y4 Battery Drains Very Fast

Stop operating high end games on the device. Stop multitasking the phone. Stop accumulating many apps in your phone’s background. Stop operating the phone while charging. These activities can easily shorten battery live leaving it unhealthy. There are some other ways to improve your phone battery life and they can be found here How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Tecno Y4 Won’t Power On Or Turn On Solution

The phone might not actually be dead, it might just be a battery issue. Perhaps, the battery drains beyond 0% level and won’t turn on. If really the phone is undercharged, you will have to replace the battery or charge the phone for a long time with a good charger. Contact a technician if you are convinced that the battery is not responsible for this problem or check out this post for more suggestions Dead phone Solution – How to Revive a dead phone

Tecno Y4 Wifi And Hotspot Problem

In the setting of your phone, locate apps (Apps management in some devices). When opened, go to system apps and find the Wifi and Hotspot system app. Open it and clear its cache and data, force stop it and then launch it. You are done. Here is another thing you can do if the issue is still not resolved. Reset the phone to Factory default. This should work out fine.

Tecno Y4 Slow Charging Solution

Change the charger and USB cable fix this issue. The charger you are using may have lesser charging capacity which may be too slow for your phone. This is what you need to fix this problem.

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