Tecno Y3 Power Solution – Dead Solution

Tecno Y3 Power Solution – Dead Solution

Is your Tecno Y3 dead? This is the situation with many Tecno phone users. But the problem may not really be as complex as it seem. The solution may just be all to easy for you to handle. This is the purpose of this post. We shall be considering the fix method to Tecno Y3 Power problem so you phone can come back to life again – Tecno Y3 Power Solution – Dead Solution.

Check the Tecno Y3 Battery

If the battery is undercharged, it cannot power the phone. If the power goes beyond a certain level, it might be difficult to charge it back to normal working condition with the charger you normally use for it. Therefore, if the phone is dead, the first step you should take is to replace the battery.

Check The Tecno Y3 Charger

Sometimes even when the battery is almost dead, some chargers may still be able to charge it back to normal. Since chargers have different charging capacities, it is better to get another charger with more charging capacity to charge the phone if you cannot replace the battery. Allow the charger plugged in for a considerable amount of time, the battery is really down and it might take a little while for it to come up.

Check If The Tecno Y3 Is Charging

Sometimes, the phone screen lights up and charges when a charger is plugged in but will not turn on. What can be done. First of, press the power button a little harder than usual. If it is stiff and hard to press, you will have to try all you can to make free and easy to press. You may do this by getting rid of any dirt around the power button with a brush or a pin mouth object. If this is not possible then contact a technician for help.

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