Tecno Y3 Charging Problems And Solutions

Tecno Y3 Charging Problems And Solutions

Are you having problems with you Tecno Y3 charging system? Could it be that it fake charges are it charges too slow. Maybe the charging is unstable and you have to plug in the charger to face a certain position before your phone can charge. Whatever charging problem you now have with your Y3, you can find help in this post Tecno Y3 Charging Problems And Solutions.

Tecno Y3 Fake Charging Solution

Caused be unhealthy battery whose life is coming to an end, when your Y3 fake charges, the battery percentage suddenly jumps way higher that it normally would when charging. Up on removing the charger, the battery quickly drains. Fake charging is a sign and it means get ready to replace your battery.

Tecno Y3 Slow Charging Solution

Chargers and USB cables are the main cause of this problem. If your phone is charging so slow, then you will have to change both the charger and the USB cable. The reason for this is because the charger is charging the phone at a lesser charging capacity. A charger with a more charging capacity will help reduce the time it takes your phone to completely charge up.

Tecno Y3 Unstable Charging Solution

Mainly caused by the USB cable, your phone disconnects and connects by itself when charging. If the USB cable is not good enough and cannot connect to the charging port firmly, you will most likely experiences this problem. Get  new charger and your phone should charge steadily. Contact a technician if the problems continues after changing the USB cable.

Tecno Y3 Not Charging Solution

Change the USB cable, the charger and the battery. Contact a technician for assistance if the phone will not charger after replacing the charger, USB cable and the battery

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