Tecno Y2 Charging Solution – USB Jumper

Tecno Y2 Charging Solution – USB Jumper

Warning! Do not attempt this fix if you are not a technician as you may end up damaging your phone – Tecno Y2 Charging Solution – USB Jumper.

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The solution here will fix the Tecno Y2 charging problem. Make a jumper connection like the one in the picture below.

Tecno Y2 Charging Solution - USB Jumper

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How To Fix Tecno Y2 Charging Problems

Frankly,  it is not safe to conclude that the charging port is bad and needs replacement once the starts charging slow or stops charging. Below,  I make some suggestions that may guide in resolving this problem without replacement.

Change Your charger. The problem might just be from the charger.  If you recently replaced your charger and the phone is charging slow, it is best to try with different various chargers to see if it charges fast.

Check The USB Cable.  There are fake USB cables that might not even charge some android phones. Others might but makes the phone charge slow. With a better USB cable, the problem might be resolved.

Allow More Than Few Minutes To Pass While Charging.  when the batter is way undercharged, takes a little more time to boost up and indicate charging signal.  This is usually done in cases where the phone won’t turn on.

Clean Charging Port Terminal.  Whit this you ensure that the charging port is free off dust tan can cause contact failure between  the charger and the phone’s charging port.


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