Tecno W5 Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno W5 Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno W5 is one of Tecno’s latest and advanced device and there are lots of users of this device in Africa. The Tecno W4 has some problems which users complain about often. If you use this device or considering buying it, this post will help you with some common knowledge of Tecno W5 Problems And Their Solutions.

Tecno W5 Reboots By Itself

Check if the power button is OK when pressed. A stiff power button indicate that it is out of place or bad. Visit CarlCare Service Center near you of contact a technician to do this.

Rest the phone to factory default and wipe cache. This can be the solution you need for your rebooting problem. Remember to backup before proceeding to factory reset.

Tecno W5 Insufficient Storage Space

Go to the app management in the settings of the phone and move some apps to SD card storage. Also unistalled apps you will no longer need from the phone to create more space.

Reset the phone to factory reset if this is needed and the above suggestions fail to work. Remember to backup your files before proceeding with the factory reset. If this fail to work too, make CarlCare your friend.

Tecno W5 Battery Drains Fast

Here is a post where I explained more on making batteries last longer. Restrict background data, stop running apps or performing other tasks like playing audio with the phone for a long time, uninstall high end app that sometimes make phones hot. There suggestions are extracts from this post

Tecno W5 Closes All Minimized Apps

If you recently installed any app that end tasks, you may want to set the app to allow minimized apps or uninstall the app. If you are not sure if an app is responsible for this problem, then backup your files and rest the phone to factory default.

Tecno W5 Charging Problem

If your Tecno W5 have a charging problem, Check the USB cable and the charger. Not that the battery can also be responsible for this problem. Check out this post for more on Tecno phones charging problems and solutions

Sometimes, the problem could be from the phone USB charging port. Only a technician should fix or replace the USB charging port.

How To Remove And Replace Tecno W5 Battery

You will need a screw driver to do this. It is easy and something you can do. Here is a step by step guild on hoe you can remove Tecno W5 battery – Tecno W5 Problems And Their Solutions

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