Tecno W4 Problems And Solutions – Solve It Yourself

Tecno W4 Problems And Solutions – Solve It Yourself

Whether you are already using this phone and you are now experiencing some problems with it or you are making plans to purchase it and you want to know some of the problems of this device, this article will provide the information you need. There is no mobile device that does not have its own problems, and Tecno W4 is not an exception. So what are these Tecno W4 Problems And Solutions? Here they are.

Tecno W4 Hanging And Freezing Problem 

Some users complained of freezing of this phone and cannot be even switched off. It will stay frozen until the battery goes down. At other times, it just freezes for a short time, slows down and goes back to normal. What can you do?

  • If the phone freezes, press the power key for 30 secs or more to shut it down. Turn it on again and the problem is solved
  • To avoid this same problem in the future, try uninstalling heaving apps and games. Free some app memory
  • Visit the nearest CalCare Service Center Close to you. You can use the CalCare app on your W4 to book an appointment

Tecno W4 Lags Or Slows Down When Apps Are Opened

This happens when some apps are launched on the phone. In w4, even when the status bar is dragged down, this problem comes up. This can sometimes be frustrating, but there are some few things you can do. Here they are.

  • Restart the phone and the problem is solved. Note that this is a short-term solution
  • Uninstall the apps that cause the phone to lag and reinstall again. also, uninstall unnecessary apps to free memory space
  • Reset the phone to factory default. If the problem continues, permanently uninstall apps causing the lagging

Tecno W4  Insufficient Memory Space

This is a common problem with most other devices also. If you have this issue with your W4, it is an indication that you are running out of storage space. The solutions are what you need right now to fix this problem – Here they are

  • Go to settings » App Management. Select apps and move them to SD card storage.
  • Under storage in settings, be sure to choose your writing disc to SD card or whichever storage space is freer.
  • The last option for fixing this problem is resetting the phone to factory default.

Tecno W4  High Battery Consumption

Lots of people have complained about this problem. Battery drains very fast. So how do you fix this problem? Few thighs though, you can do. Here they are.

  • Stop using high graphics heavy apps. They consume battery a lot
  • Stop using apps in general for too long. An example is playing audio all day with your device
  • Remove all recently opened apps from the background
  • Restrict background data. Learn more in this article where I explained how to make a battery last longer

Tecno W4 Charging Problem

The charging problem of W4 can be caused by faulty or bad USB cable or charger. Charging port too could be the problem. But here are a few things you can do.

  • Change the USB port and charger. Make sure the new charger and USB cable is working well
  • Change the battery of the phone.
  • Put the phone off when charging in the case of slow charging.

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Tecno W4 Problems And Solutions – Solve It Yourself

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2 Responses

  1. hamis tandu says:

    my w4 does not power on but red light it show

    • Deviceteck says:

      Hello Tandu
      What happened that led to the situation? I cannot specifically tell you what the problem is because you have not provided enough detail. Battery could be the problem here. The charging port can cause it. Even water may be the reason. Please provide more details in order for Deviceteck to know how to help you.
      You can also visit our forum for more assistance

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