Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution – Solve It Yourself

Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution

Tecno WX3 is Just one of Tecno popular phone. Designed into the W family of Tecno Mobile, it comes with 8 Gig storage space with a 1.3Hz quad-core processor. In this post, we consider Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution. You can find considerable help on how you can fix these issues personally without asking a technician for help. Let’s get started.

NOTE: Before we proceed, I would like to tell you a little bitter truth. If you have had a repairer check work on the phone and the problem seem to be from a wrong repair of the phone, then the solution here might not help much. You may just give it a try. After all, who knows whether there is life in planet Mars – Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution

Tecno W3X Problems And Solution

First of, let us list some of these problems below. Please let me now through the comment section below if you identify an issue with this phone that is not listed here – Problems Of Tecno WX3.

  1. Tecno WX3 Screen Graphics Is Low
  2. Hanging problems Of Tecno WX3
  3. Tecno WX3 Heating Problem
  4. Tecno WX3 Bluetooth And Wifi Problem
  5. Apps Unexpectedly closes In Tecno WX3


1. Tecno WX3 Screen Graphics Is Low

Truth is, this is a problem with this phone. However, there seem to be no solution for this. This is how the device is designed. Really, this is one model Tecno never took time to examine before bringing it to the table. Maybe using a different launcher app instead of the phone’s default launcher might help. You can find launchers in Google play store.


2. Hanging problems Of Tecno WX3

Have you ever turned our phone on, operated some few apps and then found that the phone freezes up. This, really, is very annoying. What is the cause of this problem. We should find out first and then we will find a solution.

Check this out How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones

The main reason for this problem is limited storage space. You may have installed too many apps or few high end apps leaving your storage space in the device virtually empty. The problem is, your phone needs free memory space to work expressly, and now, the processor is choked up when trying to launch app because is hardly any space left. So this is what you can do.

If you are about to conclude that there is no solution for this problem just like the first one mentioned above, please don’t. There is a solution and it is really cheap and easy to do. Simply uninstall apps from your device to free up some memory space. It might also help to delete some few media files. (music, vidoes and images)

When you are done with the above make sure you restart the device. That’s all you need to do. – Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution


3. Tecno WX3 Over Heating Problem

Most often, this happens when the phone is being operated and then the battery drains very fast. At other times, it happens during charging. Whatever the case, you can never be comfortable with this problem. But what can you do?

Unknown to you, your phone might have come in contact with water, either through body sweat or otherwise. This might cause certain components in the phone to bridge when they are not supposed to. The quick fix to this problem is simply keeping the phone in a hot place for a considerable amount of time to allow any possible water to dry out completely.

You may have to contact a competent repairer if the problem persist. He might just have to service the phone and completely heat out possible water from the phone.

If the phone usually get hot during charging, it might be an indication that it is time to change the charger. When the charger is not having a stable contact with the phone charging port during charging, the result might be the heating problem. Either the charger is changed or the charging port is replaced.


4. Tecno WX3 Bluetooth And Wifi Problem

To be continued…

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