Tecno W3 Whatsapp Problems And Solutions

Tecno W3 Whatsapp Problems And Solutions

One of the problems most Tecno W3 users complain about is whatsapp problems. From installation to update of whatsapp on this phone can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes, after a successful installation or update, sending and receiving massages over whatsapp does not just  seem to work. If you have experienced this problem then you understand what I am talking about. In this article, we will consider some Tecno W3 Whatsapp Problems And Solutions in easy steps.

Whatsapp Does Not Install On Tecno Phone

First thing first, make sure you have sufficient space on your device for installing apps. Not the storage space you see on the file manager on your phone. Go to your app manager in the settings of your phone and move some apps from phone memory to SD Card memory. You may just choose to uninstall some apps and not go through the process of moving app storage locations.

Depending on where the app was downloaded, the whatsapp app may be corrupt. It is recommended you download from the Google Play Store. Come to think of it, apps downloaded from this source are safe and free from potential threat that may harm your phone.

What if you have downloaded from play store and still have the same problem? The only option, it seem, we have left is to reset the phone to factory default. If the device have any error installing the whatsapp app, it should be cleared after a reset. Be sure to backup your phone before running a factory reset.

Problem Downloading Whatsapp From Google Play Store

Not just whatsapp alone, this can be a problem with every app on play store. Not really a problem from the app but can result from internet connection, settings on the phone. Try these first.

Make sure background data is not enabled on your phone. Google play store cannot work with background data enabled. Check here to see how to restrict background data and how to disable it.

Restart your phone and start the download process again. Sometimes you phone might be just too stressed to perform the download task. Reseting it will refresh the phone.

If you suspect that the problem might be from internet connection, then wait for a while before downloading. You can also forcestop the Google Play Store app in the app management settings and then retry downloading.

Problem Updating Whatsapp From Play Store On Tecno Phones

When the version of whatsapp you are using expires, you are required to update. Sometimes, Play Store pends the download and then you see the files download bar moving but not downloading. This is not strange. It happens sometimes. The simple solution is to unistall the older version from your phone, close the Play Store app, launch it again and run the download.

Whatsapp Does Not Sent Message Or Receive Messages

This could just be a temporary problem from the app. Allow a day or two to pass before taking any action. Meanwhile, be sure that your internet connection is active and connection is strong. If the problem continues after 2 days, you will have to reset your phone – Tecno W3 Whatsapp Problems And Solutions


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