Tecno W3 Problems And How To Solve Them – Solutions

Tecno W3 Problems And How To Solve Them – Solutions

Got a new tecno w3 and now having problems with it. Maybe the solutions to some of the tecno w3 problems below can help you. Check if you can find a solution to your Tecno W3 Problems. Remember that not all the problems can be handled by the user. Some of the solutions provided here are for technicians only. If indicated, it means that you need a technician to fix your device.


Whatsapp not working on tecno w3

Uninstall whatsapp and reinstall. If the problem still continues, reset the phone to default in the phone setting.

how to hard reset tecno w3

Go to the phone settings, and reset the phone from there. If th phone cannot access the settings, then press and hold volume up button + power button until the recovery mode appears. You should be able to complete the reset procedures from here.

Tecno W3 Charging Slow

Change your USB cable and if this fail to work, change the charger. If this continues, you have to change the charger.

Tecno W3 Not Charging

If changing the charger fail to work, you will have to see a technician on this. The charging port is bad and needs to be replace. Think this is something you can do? Check this out

Tecno W3 Hanging When Operating it

Upgrade to the latest version or downgrade to the previous version if you just upgraded. Uninstalling apps that are no longer needed will also help to increase the speed and performance of your W3.

No phone is perfectly designed to serve us forever. Every now and the, we will continue to have problems with our phones and the Tecno W3 is not an exemption. The help provided here today is just a quick help for those who can do the basic work

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8 Responses

  1. Oladipupo samson says:

    Helo my tecno w3 is having screen issue, it brings out colours of different kinds and then it eventually restarts. Old what could be the problem

    • Deviceteck says:

      Hello Oladipupo.
      Sorry to hear that. What actually happened to the phone that caused this problem? Did it fall or came in contact with water? Let me know.

      • Akin says:

        Mine fell down and it developed the fault. I even reset y phone but it never improved.

        • Deviceteck says:

          Hello Akin.
          You will have to seek the help of a qualified repairer to fix this issue. Let us know if you are a technician so we can help you further.

  2. dima says:

    my phone fell, and i show white on the screen and off, since then it as not on. pls the solution

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  2. September 15, 2018

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