Tecno W3 Dead Solution – Won’t Turn On

Tecno W3 Dead Solution – Won’t Turn On

Do you have a Tecno W3 that won’t turn on? It would have been better if it turned on and gives some sorts of problems than never turning on at all. I know the frustration because I personally have been there before – Tecno W3 Dead Solution – Won’t Turn On

In this post, I will try, as much as possible, to provide in bit details how to fix this and make the phone turn on. Depending on what caused the problem, users may be able to carryout these fix without consulting with a phone repairer. You may also check this out Tecno W3 Problems And How To Solve Them – Solutions

Tecno W3 Dead Solution

Tecno W3 Not Powering On

Before we begin with this fix, we first have to determine the reasons why we have this problem in the first place. Knowing this will guide us through the process of a proper repair. Keep in mind that we are not practicing the basics here. This is not easy to fix, but you may try.

Tecno W3 Dead After Flashing

Tecno W3 Dead After Falling In Water

Battery Drained To 0% And Won’t Turn On

Tecno W3 Wont Turn One Over Nothing

These are the main reasons why Tecno W3 Won’t turn on. There might be other known reasons but, are similar to one of the reasons provided above and can be fixed the same way.


Tecno W3 Dead After Flashing

Obviously, this is not withing the powers of a phone user. Only phone technicians flash phones and make error that turn phones dead. If this is what you are now facing with your W3, don’t panic then.

There are few reasons why you had this problem during the flashing process. The ROM (Firmware) used in flashing the phone is the whole data required for the phone to operate. Without it, the phone is dummy dead. Also, is something goes wrong during the flashing, the ROM will not be completely installed on the phone, causing it not to respond.

There are some few things that could go wrong during the flashing process. The USB cable may fail while the flashing software will display a flash successful message. The battery may not be properly charged and the firmware may not be compatible with the phone. Here is what you can do.

How To Solve Tecno W3 Dead After Flashing Problem

What you have to do first is make sure that the USB cable and battery are in good shape. If you are not sure, change the USB cable to a better one and leave the dead phone charging for sometime before you retry the flashing. Also use a meter to read the battery volt before retrying.

You may download the firmware for Tecno w3 but, may not be the right variant. Sometimes, website administrators that provides firmware do make mistakes in naming firmwares and identifying them with their respective phones. Try a different firmware.

Make sure that the phone is not clone (fake or copy). If it is, then the firmware for the original phone won’t work for the cloned phone. A cloned firmware don’t work for the original phone also. It is important to check with other w3 and ensure that you are flashing the right phone.

If you need more assistance, check our phone hardware repair forum and ask there.


Tecno W3 Dead After Falling In Water

You probably know that the first thing to do after being aware that your phone falls on water is to remove the battery. However, the W3 uses an inbuilt battery that cannot be easily removed. Sometimes, the touchpad stop working almost immediately, making it almost impossible to turn it off.

The more the water stays inside the phone with the battery still connected, the more damage is done to the phone. The result is usually devastating, damaging the screen and making the phone look dead even when it is on, since the screen will not display.

It doesn’t end there. It could get worse. The power key may get rust, fail to respond when pressed and unable to power on the phone. Lets get help.

Fixing  The Tecno W3 Power Problem

Make provision for sufficient heat for the phone. Even when the phone look dead and won’t respond when you try to turn it on, it might latter turn on after it is kept under sufficient heat and the water inside is dried up.

Even when the phone eventually turn on, I will recommend that you see a repairer, because shortly, the phone will start developing other problems. Actually, what a repairer will do is to brush off any particles (sand and small metal particles) that the water might have deposited in the panel.

Even you the user can open the back of the phone using a star-mouth screw driver, remove the battery and dry up the water inside the panel of the phone.

The power key should not be overlooked simply because it still makes that clicking sound. It is relevant to clean it too. It might just be the reason why the phone won’t turn on after falling into water – Tecno W3 Dead Solution


Battery Drained To 0% And Won’t Turn On

So the battery drained to 0% one day and never turned on again even after charging. Now you are in search of Tecno W3 Dead Solution. It is really easy to fix this problem. Fixing it is all up to you, I can only show you how.

There are two reasons why your battery refuse to turn your phone on. It is either it is undercharged, or the charging port of the phone is bad at the time the battery drained to finish. If the battery is undercharged, it could sometimes be hard for a charger to charge the battery up to the point where it indicates charging.

What if the charging port is bad at the time the battery is down? You can guess. If it is never fixed the battery cannot be charged and will remain undercharged. The more you keep pressing the power key, the more you complicate matters for the battery.

Alright! Enough of this sermon on the net. Time to look for a solution.


Solution To Dead Tecno W3 After Battery Drained

Before considering anything else, be sure that you have connected different working charger to the phone and left charging for over 10min. Sometimes when the battery is undercharged, it takes time for a normal charger to charge it back to life.

In cases where the battery is undercharged and won’t come up after connecting a charger, a capable repairer might decide to connect a multiple charger (desktop charger) to the battery in order to boost it up or recommend that you change the battery. The assurance is that if a multiple charger is used to boost the batter back to life, it will work normal.

Even before the above suggestion is started, you should look through the charging port in the phone to see if the charger connecting material inside is broken. If it is, then it has to be fixed before the phone can be charged


Tecno W3 Wont Turn One Over Nothing

This might be an indication that the phone need servicing. The first step to take is to clean the interior part of the phone thoroughly with alcohol and brush – toothbrush is often used.

Servicing a phone is not limited to cleaning the inside panel. Hard reset (factory reset) is another form of servicing which corrects many errors in a phone. If you are a phone repairer, take advantage of your phone flashing software, like miracle box, to factory reset the phone. Most phones might be dead but still responds to computers when a valid USB cable is connected.


Depending on what caused the problem, try these steps before complaining of Tecno W3 Dead Solution

  1. Try different chargers
  2. Use a desktop charger to boost the battery if the case warrant
  3. make sure the screen is not broken
  4. Make sure the phone is thoroughly dried off water
  5. Remember to look and service the power key
  6. Using a computer, Factory reset the phone
  7. Service the phone by cleaning the inside panel
  8. Check the charging port and replace it if necessary


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