Tecno Tablet Problems And their Solutions

Tecno Tablet Problems And their Solutions

Unlike most Tecno android phones with removable batteries that are easy to maintain, Tecno tablets cannot be easily disassemble for maintenance by their users. If any problem is noticed and nothing in settings seem to work, it is sometimes hard to handle it leaving the user with no choice that to contact a technician for relatively minor faults he otherwise could have easily solved. In this post, we consider some Tecno Tablet Problems And their Solutions below. If you are using a different tablet, check out this post where I explained i details how to Solve common problems in android tablets

Tecno Android Tablet Does Not Turn On – Power Problem

This can happen if the battery is undercharged (the battery is not charged enough to power the tablet). Since the battery cannot be removed and replaced buy the user, try charge the tablet for at least 30 minutes and then power on again. A replacement battery is needed if it fails to turn on. If the battery is really the problem, you notice a charging sign on the screen of the tablet while charging.

If the Sign does not appear, the charger and USB cable should be replaced. If your charger is not working and you are not aware, the battery drains and the tablet could not turn on, you try charging but it doesn’t give a charging sign and then you conclude that the tablet has power problem. Actually, the problem is from the charger.

Tecno Tablet Screen Does Not Respond To Touch

This Is totally out of your control. You need a Technician to fix this for you. But here is something you can do id the touchpad is not broken and you have this problem. Place you thumbs (big finger) at each bottom edge of the screen and swipe them up gently while you apply a little pressure on the touchpad. If the touchpad is not balanced on the screen, it may not work well. By swiping your thumb over it, you keep it balanced on the screen.

Tecno Tablet Has Charging Problem

This mostly happens to all devices and not just tablets. Check to make sure that the charger and USB cable are still working. Change them if possible. Allow the tablet to charge for about 30 minutes. If you have tried with different chargers, and still could not charge, then the Charging port is bad and needs replacement. Contact a technician to do this.

Tecno Tablets Freezing And Hanging Problem

This may be an indication that you have too many apps installed on your tablets. Consider uninstalling some apps, especially those high end apps. Performing too many task at the same time may also result to this problem. Alway remove any recently opened app from the tray. If nothing worked, format the tablet to factory default.

Tecno Tablet Battery Does Not Last Long

In this post, I explained in details how to make a battery last longer, check it out. Here is a summary of that post. Avoid battery consuming games and apps and get a battery saver app from play store. Do not operate on the tablet while charging and if possible turn it off. Restricting Background data will also help save a great deal of battery.

Tecno Tablets Get Excessively Hot

Sometimes this can happen if you operate on the tablet for too long or operate on too many apps at a time. Allow it to rest if this is the reason. If it get for almost no reason, contact a technician to check it up – Tecno Tablet Problems And their Solutions

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