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Tecno T420 Keypad Solution

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Tecno t420 Keypad Solution

The tecno t420 keypad is designed like most other phone keypad. The keys 1,2, and 3 middle terminals share the same connection with the “select” key middle terminal, while keys 4, 5, 6 middle terminals are connected to the middle terminal of the right key. Keys 7, 8, 9 middle terminal and the middle terminal of the left keys have the same connections. The middle terminals of *, 0 and # keys are connected with the middle terminal of the left select key.

Other connections are easy to make as seen in the picture above.

Tecno t420 Keypad

The connections in the Tecno t420 keypad Solution picture above is correct and reliable. Making jumper connections based on the connections found therein will not lead to damaging of your device. Have your tecno t420 keypad fixed.

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