Tecno Spark K7 Unboxing And Review

Tecno Spark K7 – A New Ultra Bright Smart Phone From Tecno

A new pretty smart phone from Tecno mobile. I first saw the Spark k7 ads on YouTube and immediately fell in love with this device. With flawless slim design, this device is highly pocket friendly, smooth and really advanced. Tecno Spark K7 Unboxing.

Tecno Spark K7 Unboxing And Review

Tecno Spark K7 Unboxing And Review

The Tecno Spark k7 is packed in a cute and pretty yellow colored carton box wrapped with a transparent thin film-like nylon. At the front of the box, the text “TECNO” is boldly written in blue color and at the back, the phone specifications are written in white.

Tecno Spark K7 Camera review

13 Megapixel camera is definitely a high camera, but it does not just end there. The 13MP back camera can even capture great pictures in darkness or low light with its flash light future. The front selfie camera is just supper cool. Although, most Tecno phone have nice cameras, when zoomed in, the image seems to lost quality. This means that these images cannot be clearly viewed from a large screen or used for high quality graphic works. This is not the case with the K7.

Even when Zoomed in, images still keep major of their qualities and can be used for wide range of graphic works. The Tecno Spark K7 camera worth reviewing a second time.

Tecno Spark K7 Accessories

The charger, the flexible back case and the headset are the main stuff that comes with this device. In  our unboxing package, we found a white charger similar to the ones that comes with most other tecno phones, Tecno phones chargers are great and charges phones fast. This is true of this one also. the charger and USB cable can be found below.

Unlike some Tecno phones with Strong colored back case, the Spark k7 come with an elegant flexible transparent back case. The design is so beautiful and the feel is so great. Get one brand new k7 and get the back casing all free for the phone. It is covered with a sizable semi-transparent nylon inside the main box.

Also in the box as mentioned above is a free headset and like the charger, it is white in color. For those that are used to tecno phones, one fact remain with them. Tecno phone original head set are not all that good with sounds. This is a little different. Sound quality improved a bit.


Tecno Sparkle K7 Features

The charging port still remain the normal micro USB port and can be used for creating connections and communications between the phone and a computer. This has become the standard charging port system for android phones in this modern time. For K7 the charging port is located at the bottom of the phone and not at the sides or top.

Tecno Spark K7 Battery Capacity And Battery Life

Isn’t 3,000mAh of battery a good deal for such a high graphic new king? It has an inbuilt battery that is housed at the back of the phone and protected with a metal back cover which is screwed. The battery  ensure a long use or operation of the phone for more than few hours



The Tecno Spark K7 Is a great phone worth purchasing. Tecno is actually rocking the smart phone market all round with nice designs at almost all times. Tell us what you think, make a comment below – Tecno Spark K7 Unboxing And Review




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