Tecno Spark K7 Problems And Solutions

Tecno Spark K7 Problems And Solutions

I know how annoying it could be sometimes when you experience certain problems with your Tecno phone. In Tecno Spark K7 there seem to be some specific challenges with this make. Please understand that this does not make this model less than what it truly is. Fortunately, these challenges are not new and can be fixed even by the users themselves – you. So, let us consider the Tecno Spark K7 Problems And Solutions.

Recently the search trend of Tecno spark k7 has been around slow response and hanging “wahala”. Others find it hard to update it while some complaint about the mouthpiece. Let’s find a quick fix to these challenges.

Tecno Spark K7 Problems And Solutions

Tecno Spark K7 Problems And Solutions

1. Tecno k7 Hanging Solution

This is one problem with this device many people seem to search for on google. You Tecno k7 will surely hang if you install too many apps feeling comfortable over its RAM. It has never been a good idea to install too many apps on your mobile phone, especially the high end or heavy apps. Too many apps installed in a phone will result in phone hanging. More on the reasons why Tecno phones hang is considered here in this post.

How To Stop Tecno K7 From Hanging

Move some downloaded and installed apps to your external memory (SD card) in the settings of the phone. This should provide sufficient space for apps to run smoothly without slowing the phone down or freezing it. After apps are moved from the internal memory to the external one,  it is good to restart your device for your settings t properly take effects.

Another thing you can do to prevent your Tecno K7 from Hanging is uninstalling unwanted or unnecessary apps. If you do not have external storage to move apps to or you do not know how to move apps from one storage to another uninstalling some apps should be considered.

In rare cases,  after moving apps and or uninstalling some apps, the phone will still hang. In such case, it is best to factory reset the phone.


2. My Tecno K7 Is Slow

Usually, this will result when too many apps are installed in your K7 just like the hanging problem considered above. However, too many media files,  like videos, music and pictures, can make your phone slow down.

Depending on the processor of a phone,  the more files the phone holds the more it slows down.  The same thing happens to a computer and your Tecno k7 is no exception in this matter.

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How To Make Tecno K7 Faster

Simple. Browse through your media files and delete those you no longer need. Movies you have seen on your phone can be deleted to free up space and increase the phone response time. Consider the worth of a file and its relevance before downloading or receiving it into your phone. If it doesn’t worth it,  don’t accept it.

Restart (reboot)  your phone often. With the inbuilt batteries now being incorporated into latest Tecno phones of which the K7 is no different, one disadvantage of this inbuilt battery system is that the phone keeps working for countless of hours without shutting down if there is access to regular charging power supply. This is unlike the earlier method where batteries can be removed for almost any reason,  like SIM replacement, and the phone turned off.

When the phone is turned on for a long period of time it gets stressed up and slows down in performance. This is the one reason why you should reboot your phone often.

In some cases, factory resetting the phone might be necessary if after trying the above the problem won’t go away.

3. My Tecno K7 Is Not Charging

So you put your charger on the phone and it won’t charge. You turned it off to see if it might charge while it is turned off,  still not working. Then you changed your charger thinking that the problem might be charger related. Oh! Sorry dear, still don’t charge. Now you don’t know what to do.

Tecno K7 Charging Problem Solution

After changing the charger and turning the phone off before charging it, you have to look, a little further. Check the charging port on the phone (charger insert point) to see if the contact point inside is broken. If you don’t know how it should be in its working condition you may look through the charging port of another phone. When it is not broken, clean any dust particle from the port thoroughly and try charging the phone again.

If you had tried charging the phone with another charger, still try with yet a different charger. The Tecno K7 may not charge with some charger, especially those sold for #250 NGN.

My Tecno K7 Not Booting

When the k7 turns on an gets stuck as it tries to boot it drains the battery until it gets exhausted. Find a solution to the booting problem here

If the phone won’t turn on and the screen remain blank, find help here

Tecno K7 USB Drivers Download, Problems And solutions

Download USB Drivers Here.

Tecno Spark K7 Problems And Solutions

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