Tecno Spark 2 Problems And Solutions

Tecno Spark 2 Problems And Solutions

Let me get a little personal on this post. I have written lots of post previously on Tecno And Infinix Mobile phone problems and solutions and in this post, I think I should kick something a bit different and get into details more. With this in mind, I will not limit my topic for today to Tecno Spark 2 Problems And Solutions but also consider the reason why this particular model, the spark 2, develop these problem.

While this article will be highly valuable to Tecno Spark 2 users, I promise to boggle you with the information you are about to read. First thing first, the problems with this phone?

Tecno Spark 2 Problems And Solutions

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tecno Spark 2

Never mind the  subheading above, I will just provide the list of Spark 2 problems below so I can tell  you the reasons for these problems and their solutions much latter. Please stay with me.

  1. Tecno Spark 2 Hanging Problem
  2. My Tecno Spark 2 Is Slow
  3. Tecno Spark 2 Wifi And Bluetooth Not Working
  4. Can’t Install Apps On My Tecno Spark 2
  5. Tecno Spark 2 Updating Failed
  6. My Tecno Spark 2 Is Overheating
  7. Tecno Spark 2 Wont Turn On
  8. Charging Problem With Tecno Spark 2
  9. Apps Closes Unexpectedly In Tecno Spark

Too many problems you will agree hmmm!

Truth is, almost all Tecno android phones share similar problems. Even the famous Tecno Camon CX has wifi and Hotspot problem and Tecno W3x, once widely known, often give memory issues which sometimes leads to slow running of the device.

If this is the case, why not generalise our topic to all Tecno phones instead of specifying models and singling out Spark 2? The short answer is that not all Tecno android phones run on the same operating system, chipset and hardware – Tecno Spark 2 Problems And Solutions

1. Tecno Spark 2 Hanging Problem

Did you ever own a Compact Disk Player? Did you experience freezing while watching a movie with it? You know that the reason is because the CD plate is bad, but not in all cases. Even when the CD plate is alright, the CD player might cease to work after a long period of use. It simply get hot and malfunctions.

The same thing happens to your phone. After a long period of use, or I dare say misuse, it gets hot, tired, malfunction and then hangs during operation.

But a more prominent reason for Phone hanging during operation is RAM memory. The RAM (Random Access Memory) is a special phone memory where your apps are installed in. Basically, the more apps you install the more the RAM space is getting filled up.

With too many apps installed in the spark 2, the 2 gig RAM, now carrying too many loads of apps, finds it hard to “breath”. High end apps have, normally, bigger file sizes. With a little more than few of them installed the RAM space is covered, the processor is choked, the phone hangs at will during operation and apps closes unexpectedly


How To Fix Tecno Spark 2 Hanging Problem – Get Me Our Of This Mess

Instead of wasting your valuable time online searching for Why Is My Tecno Spark 2 Hanging, here is what you should do.

  1. Restart the phone.
  2. Goto app manager in settings and clear up app cache for individual app. Note that when cache is cleared, saved data in the app will be lost. For instance, if you clear your browser’s cache, saved password and history of sites previously visited and searches will be lost. By doing this, you create memory space for you device since cache are sometimes massive in size, especially those of Chrome browser.
  3. Let me be frank, the step 2 above is like journeying on Tortoise back. A faster approach is uninstalling apps, not just apps but high end apps and games. When this is dine restart the phone and see what happens.

2. My Tecno Spark 2 Is Slow

So you regret not using Nokia touch light phone because it is now faster than you phone. You see, you don’t have all day to wait for your phone’s sluggishness. Let me run through my brain and see how to help you fix this, but first, I must tell you why you now have this problem.

Somewhere in the middle of one day, a friend offered you lots of funny videos. Remind me the name please! Emmanuella comedy I guess. You took as much videos as you could and smiled home fully ready to watch the bulky videos you now have. Now no space is left in your ROM and or memory card storage space.

Let me ask you a question. What happens when you over feed yourself with Fufu and Egusi soup leaving no space in your stomach unfed. You feel heavy and lazy right? That i what happens to your Tecno spark 2 when it is loaded with too many media files such as videos, photos and music. Let me see what I can do to help you.

How To Make Tecno Spark 2 Fast

It’s time to delete media files from your phone and restart it. Free up enough space and uninstall few apps too if necessary. Check all folders for irrelevant files and delete them all.

The problem might become so worse that you may not be able to delete files because of the time the phone is taking to boot or load the menu. Connect your phone to a laptop and delete with it.

Factory reset will solve this issue faster, but whether or not to do this is solely up to you. Should you consider this option, remember to back up your important files.

3. Tecno Spark 2 Wifi And Bluetooth Not Working

It goes this way. You turn your wifi on and it goes off only after few seconds with or without connecting to a nearby available hotspot. Same goes for the Bluetooth. Whether it keeps turning off after you put it on or it never turns on, this problem can be attributed to the same reason. What is it?

Turn Me Off. I Have Been Working All Day

I Need Some Rest Please

This should serve as a little reminder for you that the phone has not been allowed to rest and the brain is dead hot inside. You just have to restart the phone and the Wifi and Bluetooth should wok just fine.

Let me not forget to mention that this issue might occur if the phone has been flashed with a wrong, almost compatible flash file. Under this circumstance, make a phone repairer your friend.


4. Can’t Install Apps On My Tecno Spark 2

Now this is really frustrating! If your phone were a human, I’m sure you will dash it a hot slap. Quite often, this problem happen to surface when it seem we need the app to be installed the most. Is this a serious problem with your phone. The answer can be hardly yes.


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