Tecno S9 Charging Solution – Charging problems

Tecno S9 Charging Solution – Charging problems

Having problem charging your Tecno S9. Unless it is a hardware problem, this might just be the solution that you need to fix your issue. In this post, you find the solution to Tecno S9 charging problem. Tecno S9 Charging Solution – Charging problems.

Tecno S9 Fake Charging Solution

If your phone is fake charging, it means that the battery is weak, unhealthy and its life is coming to an end. In this case the percentage of charge suddenly increases beyond normal few minute after plugging the charger. The solution to this issue is simply to change the battery or manage it. Learn how to manage a battery here How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

How To Remove Tecno S9 Battery

The Tecno S9 is a tablet with an inbuilt battery that is not easy to remove or replace. You will not a screw driver in order to successfully remove the battery. See how you can do so here How To Remove Tecno Tablet Battery

Tecno S9 Slow Charging Solution

Changing the charger and the USB cable is what you should do if the phone is charging so slow. Keep in mind the operating your phone while charging is not a good habit and will make your phone to charge slow. When getting another charger, be sure to get a charger will strong charging capacity.

Tecno S9 Unstable Charging Solution

The USB cable is mostly responsible. When a charger is unstable, it means that the charger connects and disconnects when charging. Sometimes, this problem may be caused be the internal charging port of the phone. If this is the case please contact a technician. If not, change the USB cable.

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