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Tecno S3 All Repair Solutions

In the picture below, I have provided the SIM sit for tecno s3 path. Also find the USB connection way to tecno s3 as well as the PWRKEY for tecno s3. All connection ways are accurate and reliable. The PCB is a working PCB and lacks no components. Creating a jumper based on the information in this post will not lead to any damage. Fix your tecno S3 with these information.
Tecno S3 All Repair Solutions
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Tecno S3 SIM Sit Repair Solution

The tecno s3 has dua SIM slot. The connections can be found above. Only make this connection jumper if a led of the SIM sit pulls of the PCB. In this connection, one has to be very careful as the alternative points are very close to each other.

Tecno S3 USB / Charging Port Repair Solution

The USB port for tecno S# is similar to that of tecno M3. The alternative connection is close to the main terminals on the PCB. However, it may not be easy to connect as the components they link to are very small. Also, there are no GND, VBUS, DP and DP notations on the PCB. If you can follow the connections here and make a jumper, you can have your tecno s3 USB port fixed.

Tecno S3 Power Key Solution

See the picture above to locate the path of the power key for tecno s3.

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