Tecno R7 Problems And Solutions – Do It Yourself

Tecno R7 Problems And Solutions – Do It Yourself

The problem with this specific phone is common with those of other devices. They range from slow charging to no charging at all. Also, if you use the Tecno r7, you may have noticed that it has network problems, battery problems and so on. OK, now let us list the Tecno R7 Problems And Solutions.

Tecno R7 Charging problem

If your tecno r7 does not charge at all, change the USB cable and then the charger itself. The battery could also be a reason why your tecno r7 is not charging. consider changing the battery too if changing the USB cable and the charger did not solve the problem. If you are convinced that the charger, the USB cable and the battery are working fine and you have connected the phone to its charger for more than 30 minutes, then the problem is likely the USB charging port of the phone. It needs to be replaced. Only a technician should do this

Tecno R7 Charging Slow Problem

Again, charger is the main cause of this problem. If charge your tecno r7 with the fake charger, then you can be sure it will charge slow. It is always recommended that you use original chargers. Another possible reason for slow charging is weak battery. If neither the battery nor the charger is the problem, then download a good battery saver app from the play store to help you fast charge your phone. Putting the off before charging it will help too – Tecno R7 Problems And Solutions

Tecno R7 Power Problem

Check that the battery is in good health and not responsible for the problem. Make sure that battery contact terminals are clean.

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