Tecno Q1 All Connection Way And Repair

WARNING : Do not try the following if you are not a mobile device technician as you may damage you device in the process – TECNO Q1 repair. To learn to repair mobile devices, please follow our online course here.
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About Tecno Q1

SIM   » » » Dual SIM

COLOR   » » » Black and white

NETWORK   » » » 2G, 3G

BATTERY   » » » Li-Ion 1750 mAH battery

How To Repair Tecno Q1

Follow the image below for complete Tecno Q1 repair guide. The connections and jumpers are accurately read and correct. For a clearer view, zoom the image to a comfortable size and then run connection like it is in the image below to repair the device. Provided is the connection for the USB port, VIB, LED, Battery terminal and TP way.

tecno q1 repair

Need a clearer picture of Tecno Q1 connection jumper? Click here, its free


The connection for the USB port can be traced from the underside of the main PCB, and are marked DM, DP,  and VBUS. The first black connection among the 5 led is the GND.


The first terminal represent the VBAT or positive (+) and can be connected to the sixth led of the screen as shown in the image above. the middle terminal is the BAT_ON and the alternate connection for it is just right behind it. the last terminal is the GND.


The alternate connection at the back of the main PCB and are marked as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The second is the led GND or NO. 5. Care is needed in order not to damage anything further here.


In the screen terminals, the second, third, fourth and fifth terminal are the negative (-) for the four leds (light) in the screen. The sixth is the Positive terminal (+) and the VBAT for the battery terminal as well.

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