Tecno Phones Wifi And Hotspot problems And Solutions

Tecno Phones Wifi And Hotspot problems And Solutions

Everyday, many Tecno android phone users experience this situation. This is not a come and go problem that automatically resolve itself after some days. Without Wifi and Hotspot, you cannot connect your phone to the internet via the other devices neither can other devices connect to your phone internet.  Worse yet, some apps like Flashshare and Xender cannot connect and transfer files or receive files if your Wifi and Hotspot is not working. What should you do? Tecno Phones Wifi And Hotspot problems And Solutions is considered below.

Note that there are different problems associated with phone Wifi and Hotspot, and all have the same way of fixing them. This different issues include Wifi and Hotspot turning itself off after few seconds of turning it on, Wifi and Hotspot icon not found or accessible, Wifi and Hotspot accessible but does not turn on and Wifi and Hotspot turns on but will not connect to other devices. If your device is an Infinix device and you have this issue, please check out this post Infinix Hot Note Wifi And Hotspot Problems And Solutions

Wifi and Hotspot Not Working Solution

Make Sure It’s Not A Setting Problem

Should you set the Hotspot to be opened to 0 devices, it cannot connect with other devices. Make sure that the settings for the Wifi and Hotspot allow your device to work normally.

Clear The Phone Cache

After checking the settings, this is the next step you should take. Some phones allow users to do that through the setting of the phone while others don’t. So lets wipe out the cache partition of your phone using a method that works with all Tecno models. Don’t worry about loosing your files, Wiping out cache does not affect them. Follow these steps.

  1. Turn the phone off
  2. Press and hold volume up key (do not remove your finger)
  3. Press and hold power key (at the same time with the volume up key)
  4. Hold the two keys until the phone boots and you see a lying on its back
  5. Remove your fingers from the two keys and press on power key to enter the recovery menu of your phone
  6. Use the volume down key to navigate down
  7. Use the Volume up key to select “wipe cache partition”
  8. When it is complete, restart the phone and try again with the Wifi Hotspot issue.

Proceed to the next method if this method did not resolve the issue.

Factory Reset The Phone

Follow the step you took above to factory reset your phone. Only select “Wipe Factory/Data Reset” in No. 7 in the previous step before restarting the phone. Only be aware that factory or data reset will erase or delete all your files, installed games and apps. So you might want to make a backup before you take this step.

I have seen a case where this problem could not be resolved simply by factory resetting the phone. If this is the case with you, then you might want to consider the last method in this post.

Flash The Phone

This is the final solution that can solve the issue. Considering flashing a phone is not easy as a result of the things involved, like the factory reset, you will lost your files, games and apps if they were not backed-up. To flash a Tecno phone follow these easy steps. How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily or find more help in our forum – Tecno Phones Wifi And Hotspot problems And Solutions


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