Tecno Phones Common Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno Phones Common Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno Phones Common Problems And Their Solutions

You would agree that it could be so frustrating when experiencing challenges with your phone, especially when you need it the most. We all use one make of android phone or the other. For some, Tecno android phones is their passion and dream come true. Since we are all unprepared for these Tecno Phones Common Problems, we sometimes get stuck in the middle trying to find a fix to these issues – Tecno Phones Common Problems And Their Solutions.

There are, honestly, lots of problems associated with Tecno Android phones. One might even lost count trying to figure out how may they are. However, there is one simple truth you should keep in mind – most of these problems can be fixed using the same method. From Tecno camon CX problems to Tecno W3X memory problems, there are some similarities with the method of fixing.

You Can Fix Your Tecno Phone Problems Without A Technician

In this post, I will show you how to make some common fix to your problematic device so you don’t seek for a repairer’s help all to often. In the simplest of all terms, I bring to you the solution that you can apply as a user and fix your phone by yourself.

Consider, for example, the Tecno Spark K7 Problems. In some cases, it runs slow and unsteady. At some other times, hangs or freezes. The major reason for this issue is low memory on the phone. Once there is sufficient space in the phone memory, the phone should work just fine when restarted. The Good new is that the same fix method works all models of Tecno android phones. With this in mind, if Tecno Spark k9 is slow or hangs, the same fix method should be applied.

What Problems Are Associated With Tecno Phones?

Common Tecno Phone problems are software related. Lets Make a list below.

1.Tecno phone Wifi, Bluetooth and Hotspot not connecting.

2. Tecno phone mobile and data network not working.

3. Tecno phones gets hot during use

4. Tecno phone battery drains fast

5. Tecno Phone having memory problem

6. Tecno Phones won’t respond to touch

7. Tecno android apps keep closing unexpectedly

Now that we are here, Lets take them one after the other.


1. Tecno phone Wifi, Bluetooth and Hotspot not connecting

In my earlier post, I covered Infinix X600 Problems – Wifi Bluetooth Not Working in detail. Maybe you should check it out. In Tecno phones, this can be a major issue with the camon series. For this reason, one could say, Tecno camon cx wifi and Bluetooth problem is not new. In other models, this same problem is also found sometimes.

Why Is My Tecno Phone Wifi And Bluetooth Not Working

Unsuccessful update and flashing are mainly responsible this. Sometimes though, the wrong or corrupt file  is used to flash the phone. At other times, it could be that the phone has been in operational for more that a few hour. Here is what you can do.


How To Fix Tecno Phone Wifi And Bluetooth Problems?

The first this to do is as simple as anything can be. Just restart the phone.

Check to ensure that you have not downloaded any app recently that is now determining how your wifi and hotspot should work. If there are such apps in the phone you might want to disable them and then restart the phone. This should work.

When the problem has become more stubborn, perhaps, its been neglected for long and given to the wrong hand to fix, a factory reset may be necessary. See how to factory reset phone here.


2. Tecno Phone Mobile And Data Network Not Working

This specific problem can cause huge disappointment at times. It might just seem to be a joke at first. Then you restart the phone and still get the network problem. Let me tell you something a little more on this.

Most of the searches done online about Tecno phones and network problems are often targeted at Tecno Camon c8. The users of this model often complain on Tecno C8 Network problems. Perhaps, based on the way the device is built, at a point in time the mobile network just ceases to work. What is the cause?

Why Is My Tecno Phone Mobile Network Not Working

Get one thing straight. Both the wifi network mentioned earlier and the mobile network now under consideration both have almost the same working mechanism. That is, in most Tecno phones, if not all, the structure of these two antennas are always the same, sometimes even the same.

To cut this whole stuff short, the same reasons why wifi and Bluetooth stopped working for some Tecno phones are the same reasons why Mobile Network is Not showing up for some Tecno phones. Can the mobile network issue be fixed the same way the wifi and Bluetooth problem is handled?  Let’s see


How To Fix Tecno Phones Mobile Network Problems

Generally, the the same way of resolving the wifi/Bluetooth issue is also used to fix the mobile network. If you skipped the previous section you may have to go back to learn these methods. But there is more.

The first thing you actually need to do is ensure that the SIM is activated (enabled) in the phone settings. Then it is safe to assign default roles to SIM depending on the android version your device runs on. If the problem persist, then you should consider calling your network service providers for  assistance.

Yes! I remember

Activate SIM in phone settings

Assign default roles to SIM

Call service providers for help

NOTE: Some network problems are service provider failure. When faced with mobile network problems, it is important to wait a few hour before concluding that the phone has fault. Another way of knowing if the issue if from your service provider is by testing another SIM provided by the same service provider. However, this is not a reliable guide. 


3. Tecno phones get hot during use

It is normal for any mobile phone to warm up during prolonged use. The thing is, when it becomes too hot, it is both unbearable and drains battery way faster. Why does Tecno phones get hot? What causes this problem?


Why Does Tecno Phones Get Hot

The most famous reason is the use of high end apps and games, especially for devices with low RAM (like 512mb). When such applications or games are operated on for too long in a low RAM Tecno phone, there are two widely known consequences – The phones will heat up and go slow in response.

Another reason why phones sometimes get hot is when there is water inside the phone. Water particles connects components of the phone that should never come in contact, making the phone to malfunction and heat up. If you feel this is the reason why your phone heat up, then you need to contact a repairer.

Case Study Of Tecno H6 Heating up

In one Tecno h6 I once worked on, there was a noticeable missoldering of the battery connector. This resulted to heating up of the phone as well as taking forever to boot up. It is only after the battery connector was resoldered then phone worked without heating up.


How To Fix Over Heating In Tecno Phones

Simple. Simply uninstall high end heavy apps and games. Restart your device after you uninstall these apps. It might help if you stop operating the device over unnecessary long period of time. If it heats up during charging, you might want to change your charger. Contact a repairer if the problem persist after changing the charger.

More information on tackling over heating in Tecno mobile devices can be found in my earlier post Tecno Phone Overheating Problems And Solutions


4. Tecno phone battery drains fast

This specific problem happens to almost everyone. You charge you device one hour to the brim and then the next hour the phone is requesting for charging. So you can hardly pay around your phone for few the battery may go out pretty too soon. Let me not take your time. I will just tell you the reason for this problem.


Why Does my Tecno Phone Battery Drain Fast.

The same reason why your Tecno mobile phone gets hot could, also be responsible for fast battery draining. Usually, the battery spends more power when a high end app or game is running. If the battery had been replaced, there is high possibility that it won’t last as long as the original. Take this into consideration.

Insight Into The Battery

It is normal for batteries to reduce in strength within its life span before finally becoming unusable. If a Tecno phone battery had lasted for 20 hours within the first 3 month after purchase, it would hardly last 18 hours within the next 3 month. This is normal.

How To Make My Tecno Phone Battery Last Longer 

Let’s not waste time on this. I’ll be really quick. So  will just list the solution below.

  1. uninstall high end games and apps
  2. Check if the phone’s battery connector has been worked on before (for phones with removable batteries).
  3. Stop using power banks and small solar power chargers for you phone.
  4. Always close background apps. They suck the battery.
  5. Restrict background data.

Check out this post for more information how Tecno phone battery life can be improved


5. Tecno Phone having memory problem

Tecno W2 storage problem, Tecno W3 storage problem, phones says insufficient storage when there is space. All this are device storage related problems. Have you ever experienced this before? If so, let consider the reason why phones alert us to storage insufficiency wen actually there may be enough space in the device.


Why Does My Tecno Phone Display Insufficient Storage When There Is Space?

There  are two types of storage space in your phone you should know about. In no particular order, the first is the RAM and he second is the ROM. Here is what they mean.

The RAM. Known as Random-Access Memory, the Ram is the default storage of the phone where games and apps are installed. Therefore, if you have a RAM of 1gig, it means that you phone can only install games and apps whose total size are less than 1gig. You cannot install a game or app whose size is bigger than your RAM even when you have more than enough space i your memory card (SD card). Music, videos and pictures are not stored in this storage.

The ROM. Read Only Memory is the internal memory space on your phone that accommodates your media files. This storage pace is usually bigger than the RAM. If the ROM space get filled up, you may still be able to install some apps and gamed that are installed in you RAM.

Often when people faces this problem, they conclude that the device is bad or has virus. If you have a problem with your mobile phone like the memory problem, what should you do. Lets see how to stopped this issue.


How To Free Up Memory Space In Your Phone

If the RAM storage space is filled with apps and game, you may get a “No Enough Storage Space” message while trying to install a new app or game. If you try deleting some videos and music just to provide space for the new installation, it will be in vain. So, Instead of deleting media file delete unwanted apps.

In some Tecno mobile device, you are provided with the option of moving installed apps into external storage disk. Consider making this move. To learn How Change Storage To SD Card In Tecno Phones, check the internet or play around your phone settings. It is really easy to do.


6. Tecno Phones won’t respond to touch

Frankly, this is another frustrating part of android phones in general. The screen doesn’t have to be broken before it stops responding. When the screen won’t let you access it, you cannot make and receive call or send massages. Why does this problem occur even when the screen is not broken?


Why Won’t My Phone Touch Screen Respond

Not all the reasons for this issue is known. In some cases, the touchpad is unstable or unsteady. It might not have been fixed properly. In some other cases, it is the result of rust caused water inside the phone, but this does not happen all the time. At times too, the touchpad may have unnoticeable small crack inside that prevents it from responding.

One lat reason why phone touchpad fail to respond is when there is virus in the phone. If you install a malicious app, it will keep downloading other apps on its own without you knowing about this. This process sometimes make our screen unresponsive to touch. Is there anything you can do?

How To Fix Unresponsive Screen In Tecno Phones

Understand that when the problem is the result of virus, your best option is to have the phone flashed, but you can still manage the virus by restricting the apps causing the problem. You cannot delete these apps.

If the touchpad was previously replaced, it could be that it was not placed on the phone and glued properly. Try this. Place your both thumb at both ends of the screen and gently slide from bottom to the up of the screen. Do not apply too much force.

7. Tecno android apps keep closing unexpectedly

Sometimes, the app never opens up. At other times, it will open and soon shut down unexpectedly. I have personally experienced this issue on more than few occasions and knowing the reason why this sometimes happens makes me feel at ease. Here comes the reason.

Why Tecno Android Apps Closes Unexpectedly

Again, memory space is largely responsible for this Tecno Android phone problem. When too many apps are installed in a device, this is sure to happen. Just as humans need air to breath, apps need extra space to start up. When the space is almost filled up, apps a choked as they try to start up, so to speak.

 How To Fix Android Apps Closing Unexpectedly

The first thing to do is to restart the phone. This should help. Next, uninstall some apps or move them to your external storage disk is any is available. When you are done, restart the phone.


There are a handful of other Tecno phone problems not mentioned above. A good Example are the Tecno L9 problems and Tecno K7 Problems. We encourage you to comment any of them known to you. Deviceteck promise to get back to your comment with a really helpful suggestion. In my other website, I cover how much Tecno phones are sold. Feel free to visit.

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