Tecno Phones Charging Error Solutions

Tecno Phones Charging Error Solutions

In some Tecno phones, especially in Tecno T420 MOS phone, this problem occurs frequently. Even after changing the charger and the battery the problem seem not to go away. For this reason, we took the challenge and went our way to provide a solution. Not that we have a perfect solution that will work for all Tecno phones with this issue, but this may be very helpful for anyone seeking to repair the Tecno Phones Charging Error Solutions.

1. Keep Changing The Tecno Charger

You may have already done this. But it is still necessary. In one phone worked on by a Deviceteck technician sometimes ago, the charger refused to charge the phone until it was changed. Still, in another phone, the charger would put the phone off until it is unplugged, but these chargers would normally charge other phones. The bottom line is that even if you have tried different chargers before, never give up. Keep trying with more chargers.

2. Do Manual Servicing Again 

If you have not done manual service for your phone, please do so right away. If you do not know how to service a phone, you can learn here with the easy steps provided in this post How To Service A Cell phone And Make It Work. What if you already serviced the phone and still have the same problem? You will have to service a second or a third time, but this time, focus more on heating the battery terminals. Increase the heat a bit more and also use the heater from a rework station.

3. Work On The Battery Terminals

In on online video, a Micromax MOS phone charging error was fix simply by soldering the GND battery terminal to the PCB ground GND. This could be applicable to other phones too. To be on the safe side, it would be better to reestablish the connection by soldering all the battery connector terminals to the PCB terminals. If it is safe to use the heater, then make sure that the heat is sufficient enough to melt the led used.




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