Tecno Phones Battery Problems And Solutions

There are few problems associated with Phones battery. They range from fake charging to no charging at all and from slow charging to battery swelling. Whatever the problem is, there are solutions and you can run these fix all by yourself. In this post, Tecno Phones Battery Problems And Solutions, we consider some of these problems and solutions below.

Tecno Phone Battery Charging Slow Solution

If your phone is charging slow, simply change your charger and USB cable. Since all chargers have different charging capacities, it is obvious that the charger you are currently user has a very low charging capacity and cannot charge your phone fast. Also make sure you check the USB cable. There are fake USB cable all around us today. A fake cable may be solely responsible for Tecno phone slow charging

Tecno Phone Battery Fake Charging Solution

The phone battery charges faster than normal and the battery drains very fast too. If you encounter this challenge consider replacing the battery. It means that the battery is unhealthy and weak. However, if you want to keep managing it for now you will have to put the phone off while charging the battery and avoid high end games and apps. This post will help you learn How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Tecno Phone Battery Charging Unstable

Likely, there are two things responsible for this issue. One is the USB cable and the other is the charging port in the phone. If after changing the USB cable the problem still persist, then you should contact a technician to fix the charging port.


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