Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions

Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions

Lets not wast precious time on this. Tecno phones are not that perfect without issues as one may conclude. On the contrary, they have lots of problems or bugs. Some of these issues can be attributed to the manufacturers while others are as a result of misuse from the user. In this post we consider some common Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions.

First of all let us identify some of these problems and the talk about the cause. Then the solutions will follow. We can safely follow the solutions provided above as they have all proved to be excellent working fix for Tecno mobile devices. When a specific Tecno phone Model has a specific problem it will be indicated. OK, we can now safely start with our first agenda – Identifying the problem.

Common Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions

  • Charging problems
  • Touchpad problems
  • Update problems
  • Wifi Hotspot Problem
  • Bluetooth problem
  • Whatsapp problem
  • Battery problem
  • Virus Problem
  • Internet connection problem
  • Apps and Game Problems

What a list! Did I forget to add something? Never mind.

Tecno Phones Charging Problems

This problem results from faulty chargers, USB cables or both. Sometimes, battery may be responsible too. If the battery is unhealthy and too weak to serve the phone, it may stop charging without indication it. In some cases, the USB charging port in the phone may be bad and needs to be replaced.

The most common fix method for this problem is to change the charger and the USB cable and then the battery if the problem continues. More on this can be found in this post Tecno Phone Charging Problem – How To Fit It

Tecno Phones Touchpad Problems

There are many reasons why you may have this issue with your device. The most common one of them is if the phone falls. Whether the touchpad gets broken or not it may stop working. I have heard cases where the touchpad stopped working because the phone came in contact with water.

Keeping your phone safe is a sure way of avoiding this problem. If the touchpad works partially or sometimes operates itself then try follow this link for help Tecno Tablet Problems And their Solutions

Tecno Phones Updating Problems

The processor for your phone is made to work with the current version of the device. If your update your android to a higher version then processor may not be able to meet up with the task that comes with the new update. Some default apps may therefore not work properly.

You have to downgrade your phone back to the previous android version. That’s the easiest fix. Maybe you can try to be a little stubborn and retry updating again. Before you do that, be sure that you have reset the phone to factory default in order to make the installation of the new version smoother and error free. You may be fortunate. You can get a lot more help here  All Tecno Boom J8 problems – Update Problem

Tecno Wifi And Hospot Problems

You updated your device to the latest version. This is one reason why Wifi and hotspot may not work on your device. Another reason is that you have downloaded some apps that restrict both wifi and hotspot from working. In most cases, these apps are malicious and were not intentionally downloaded. If your phone keeps downloading things without your permission whenever your data is turned on then you know malicious apps considered as virus by some are responsible for the wifi and gotspot problem you now have.

If you feel that the problem came as a result of a recent device update, then you will have to downgrade, factory reset the phone and upgrade again. Hopefully, this should work. But if the problem is as a result of some malicious apps then try this article How To Remove Virus From Tecno Phone

Tecno Phones Bluetooth Problems

Please see the Tecno Phones Wifi and Hotspot session above.

Tecno Phones Whatsapp Problems

Poor internet connections is one major cause of this problem. In the application did not install properly, then it will not work the way it should too. Some Tecno phones can restrict apps from accessing them. This means that your whatsapp may not be able to read your contacts if such settings are active.

Be sure that you have sufficient data and a strong internet connection for whatsapp to work properly. If data and internet connections are not responsible for this problem, then unistall the app and reinstall. Do this even if the app had worked previously. Find more help here Whatsapp Problems And Solutions For Android Phones

Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions

Tecno Phones Battery Problems

If you have problem with your battery, then certainly the the battery is old, unhealthy and should be replaced. Only in few cases the problem come from the manufacturers.

The solution is easy. Replace the battery. If you have a non removable battery and you want to replace it yourself, see how you can do so here How To Replace Tecno W3 W4 C8 C9 CX N9 Battery or see How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Tecno Phones Virus Problems

Your phone starts malfunctioning downloading apps without your permission. The reason is that you have virus on your phone. The reason why you have the virus is likely because you installed a malicious app from an untrusted source.

Reseting the phone to factory default is the first thing to do. Next, reset background data. And then finally identify the malicious apps and remove or disable them. All these can be accomplished with the help of this post How To Remove Virus From Tecno Phone

Tecno Phone problems and their Solutions

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