Tecno Phone Overheating Problems And Solutions

Tecno Phone Overheating Problems And Solutions

It is often observed that when you are charging your phone, browsing or operating any high end game, your phone will begin to heat up. This is normal and not something one should be scared of. But what if it becomes overly hot? In this case it is a problem and should be attended to as it is so necessary. In this post Tecno Phone Overheating Problems And Solutions, we will consider the causes of over heating in mobile phones, what it could result to  and how to avoid or prevent them.

Causes Of Tecno Phone Over Heating

  • Charging your phone with an unsupported charger
  • Browsing with your phone for a very long time
  • Operating on high end game or app for a long time
  • Launching multiple apps and leaving them running at the same time. For instance, you may be playing music with the volume 100%, your phone touch light is on, data is turned on with whatsapp working in background and your are playing a game at the same time.

Will Over Heating Damage My Phone?

Yes. First of, the battery will drain fast and the overall battery life will not last as it should. This can result to fake charging, when the phone battery is in 15% it jumps to 60% in just 1 minute after plugging a charger. In some phones, over heating will make the phone to turn off automatically until it it cools down.

Another possible result of phone over heating it that it can completely kill the phone. In one thread on Nairaland, someone once posted: ” It spoilt as a result of heating up, the phone repairer worked on it and it spoilt same day. I went to another phone repairer he said the panel has spoilt. How much wil(l) it cost me to change panel”. This guy is not the only one reporting a dead phone as a result of over heating and the problem is that phones that are dead for this reason are hard to fix.

How To Prevent My Phone From Over Heating

The first thing to do is to identify the main cause of over heating in your phone and avoid it. Allow the phone to cool, charge it and observe, open some few apps and notice the difference in temperature if any. If you successfully identify the problem, then try to avoid it. If it results from charging, then change your charger. If it results from multitasking, then always close background apps and limit the numbers of apps you launch at the same time on your device.

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