Tecno Phone Charging Problem – How To Fix It

Tecno Phone Charging Problem – How To Fit It

Charging problem is among the leading issues Tecno phones have. What makes this frustrating is that we no longer use batteries of low capacities. This means that if you try to charge the battery with a desktop charger, it will take days to fully charge up. Yet, there are other devices like the Camon C9 that has inbuilt battery and cannot be charged with a desktop charger. If your tecno phone refuse to charge, your phone is paralyzed. What can you do about it? – Tecno Phone Charging Problem – How To Fit It


How To Fix Tecno Phone Charging Problem

If you are just a user and not a technician, what you can do is little, but might work for you. So, first of all, change your charger to ensure that the problem is not from the charger. If the this is not the issue, then get a new battery for your phone. If the old battery is dead, the phone cannot charge. Also, if the phone battery is inbuilt, then you need the help of a technician to replace the battery. If the phone can charge but you will have to hold the charger to the phone at a certain angle before the phone can charge, then change the charger. If same problem continues, then there is hardly anything you can do.


Hardware Solutions For Charging Port

If after changing the battery and the charger as mentioned above the phone still can’ charge, the next step is to replace the charging port. This should only be done by a technician. This is done by heating out the faulting charging port and either heating or soldering a new one in as a replacement. When fixing a new charging port to your device, only the first terminal GND and the last terminal VBUS connections are required for charging, but the technician must try to connect all 5 terminals to the PCB panel of the device in order to avoid connection error between the computer the device.

Sometimes when working on the charging port, the terminals in the PCB panel might pull off. If this happens, check out our Tecno phone charging solutions page for a jumper connection solution

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