Tecno P9 Charging Solution – Fake Charging

Tecno P9 Charging Solution – Fake Charging

Tecno p9 is among Tecno earliest tablets. One of the problems associated with it is charging issues. In this case, it does not mean that the phone will just stop charging. Other charging issues include slow charging, fake charging as well as unstable charging. If you encounter any of these issues we provide a working solution below to help you fix it without the help of a technician in this post – Tecno P9 Charging Solution – Fake Charging.

Tecno P9 Fake Charging Solution

Resulting from the battery and the USB cable, the phone battery quickly charge up but quick;y drain even when it is not being used. Fake charging is an indication that the battery is weak, unhealthy and needs replacement. It could also mean that it is time for you to try another USB cable for use in charging the phone. The charger or the phone itself is hardly responsible for this problem. If you suspect that the battery is the problem, then change it. If it is inbuilt, this “How to replace an inbuilt battery” guide will help you. If you cannot replace it at this moment, this guide “How To Make Your Battery Last Longer” will help you save your battery.

Tecno P9 Slow Charging Solution

Slow charging in Tecno phones is an issue caused by the charger and the USB cable. Sometimes, because the charger’s charging capacity may not be may not be sufficient enough to charge the phone as it should. All chargers do not have the same charging capacities. If the capacity is strong enough, it should charge the phone fast. Also, a fake USB cable may also make a phone charge slow or not charge at all. To fix this issue, change both the charger and the USB cable. Make sure that you get a battery charger and cable.

Tecno P9 Charging Unstable Solution

This is caused by the USB cable and the charging port itself. If this problem develops, change the USB cable. If after changing series of USB cable it is still not fixed, then have a technician check the charging port. If your phone charging is unstable, it looses contact when charging, making the phone to charge and and stop charging until you plug the charger at a certain position.

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