Tecno P5 Repair Solutions

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Tecno P5 Repair Solutions

The picture below is the connection way for Tecno p5. It contains the MIC repair solution, the power on solution, the battery terminal solution, the USB connection solution and the speaker connection solution. The instruction in the picture are accurate and reliable and can be used to solve any of the information below. See below for further instructions.

Tecno P5 Repair Solutions

Tecno P5 MIC Repair Solution

The alternative connection for Tecno p5  MIC is at the back of the main PCB. The position in the clips from the secondary PCB is also indicted. This gives two option for making connections and jumpers.

Tecno P5 USB Repair Solution

To find the DM, DP, and VBUS of the USB connection, raise the front camera from its position. Make your connection according to the notations in the PCB.

Tecno P5 Power key Repair Solution

The PWRKEY terminal on the PCB id not indicated, but it is clod to the main power positive terminal. See the picture for more information on this.

Tecno P5 Speaker Repair Solution

The location of the speaker way is pretty hard to find. But can be connected to the foot of the clip that connect the secondery PCB to the main PCB.

Tecno P5 Battery Terminal Repair Solution

The VBAT for the positive battery terminal is close to the USB DP, DM, and VBUS. Make your jumper connection as needed.

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