Tecno L8 Problems And Solutions

Tecno L8 Problems And Solutions

Tecno L family is among the great phone models Tecno produced in this recent times. The best of this family as at this time is the L8. Tecno L8 has elegant design and high graphics. With its amazing heavy battery, users can operate longer on this phone. But what are the problems associated with this devices? We consider just few of them and their solutions in this post below – Tecno L8 Problems And Solutions

Tecno L8 Battery Drains Very Fast

This can happen if you install too many high end games in your phone and you also operate the phone for a very long time. Under this circumstance, the L8 may begin to heat up. Try this.

Do not operate the phone while charging. If possible, turn it off while charging. This will help boost battery life and power. Uninstalling high end games and apps will also help to preserve your battery and make it last longer. For more on how to make your battery last longer see this How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Tecno L8 Camera And Flash Light Problems

The problem is that if the flash light does not come up, the camera will fail.. Sometimes, the camera will freeze or hang untill you restart the phone. This is what you can do.

Reset the phone to factory default and try not to install high end games and apps. Also make sure that you close all your background running apps before opening the camera. If you have too many files such as music and videos in your phone, try delete some.

Tecno L8 Slow Charging problem

The problem is that you have been charging your phone for the past 3 hours and found out that only 10% or less increase in the battery. What have you done wrong? Nothing. Do this.

Change the charger. Its capacity is not strong enough to charge the battery as quick as it should. All chargers are not the same. Some have lesser capacity than others. In some cases, the USB cable might be the reason for this problem. It is not a bad idea to change both.


Tecno L8 Dead Solution

It happened so fast. You pressed the power key and the phone wont turn on. What could be the problem. The solution might just be this.

Charge the phone with a better charger and USB cable for a long time. Also make sure that the battery is healthy and in good working condition. If not, you should change it. If you want to change the Tecno L8 battery, follow this guide How To Replace Tecno L8 Battery

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