Tecno L3 All Repair Solutions

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Tecno L3 Repair Solutions

Find all the repair solutions to tecno l3 here in the picture below. I have provided the correct connection ways for the USB port, the correct connection way for the power key, the correct connection way for the vibrator, the correct connection way for the battery terminals, the correct connection way for the speaker and the correct connection way for the SIM card slot.

Tecno L3 Repair Solutions

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Tecno L3 USB Solution

The USB port is positioned in the secondary PCB, while the connection way is in the main PCB. Maake the connection as indicated in the picture above. The first connection is the VBUS and the second is the GND.

Tecno L3 Power On-Off Solution

The power key is located in the secondary PCB and has tow terminals. One is the GND and the other is the PWRKEY. In the main PCB, there are three close points, the GND, the PWRKEY and the VBAT. Refer to the image above and make your connection accordingly.

Tecno L3 SIM Solution 

The SIM slot in tecno L3 is located in the main PCB. All the connection ways are indicated with different colored lines. The connections for the Tecno L3 SIM are accurate and reliable. Before making this connections, be sure that you have read the connection with a meter.

Tecno L3 Battery Terminal Solution.

Connect the first terminal to the VBAT point in the main PCB. The last terminal is the GND.

Tecno L3 Speaker/Vibrator Way

These two close components are close to each other in the in PCB Their connection way is provided above.

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