Tecno H7 Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno H7 Problems And Their Solutions

Talking about the Tecno H7, one can say it is a good phone with lots of features when compared with H3 and H5. In this post, we consider some common problems with the Tecno H7 and how to fix these issue – Tecno H7 Problems And Their Solutions.

Tecno H7 Power Problem

The problem is that you tried putting the phone on but it just won’t turn on. Then you removed the battery, reinsert it and tried again but no improvements. Well, not just you alone, this issue happens to almost anyone. But the good news is that the solution may just be too easy. Check this out.

If this problem came about when the phone did not come in contact with water, did not fall from a height and there seem to be no reason for this, then remove the battery, use your tongue to touch the terminals of the battery and reinsert is back into the phone. In some cases, this is what is needed to bring the phone back to life. If it does not turn on after using your tongue to touch the battery terminals, then use a sharp metal to scrub the terminals of the battery to remove any possible dirt from the surface of the battery terminals. You may also use the sharp object to scrub the battery contact point in the phone. If possible, while reinserting the battery into the phone use a folded paper to lap the battery from the back to make it just fit and not to loose contact with the phone.

When you first use the battery to touch you tongue, if you did not feel a little shock, then the battery may be dead. Charge the battery with a good charger for at least 1 hour and if the phone did not come up, you should change the battery.

Tecno H7 Insufficient Storage Space

You know you have lots of memory space left. With that in mind you found yourself in Google Play Store ready to install a new app or game. But here comes the unpleasant message no one ever wants to see “Insufficient Storage”. In some cases, you are required to delete some apps in order for the new one to be installed. This is what you should do.

If you Uninstall some apps, the problem might just go away. If it does not after uninstalling other apps, consider factory reset the phone. Something you can do before you factory reset the phone is to clear cache and data for the phone. In some cases, this is all that is needed to create more memory space – Tecno H7 Problems And Their Solutions.


Tecno H7 Charging Problem

There are 4 main categories here. 1. The phone charges so slow. 2. The phone fake charge. 3. the phone connect and disconnects from charging when charger is plunged in. 4. The phone does not charge at all.

Tecno H7 Charging Slow

The reason for this problem is either the charger or the USB cable. All chargers do not have the same charging capacity and not all USB cable s are original. If you are charging your Tecno H7 with a charger of lesser capacity and a fake USB cable, slow charging is to be expected. The solution is simply change the charger and USB cable.

Tecno H7 Fake Charge

Unlike slow charging problem where the charger and USB cable may be responsible, the battery is mainly responsible for fake charging on Tecno H7 mobile phone. Fake charging is an evidence the the battery is unhealthy and weak. You should replace it. If for any reason you cannot replace the battery at the moment, you should try turn your phone off while charging, operate the phone less and always close all background apps. See this post on How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Tecno H7 Unstable charging

There are two possible reasons for this problem. The first is the USB cable. If it is bad, it will loose contact with the USB port in the phone. If the phone is positioned to a certain point it will charge but will not charge if positioned to another point. The second reason for issue is a faulty USB port. This is the port in the phone where you plug the USB cable. If this port is bad, you will get the same connection disconnection problem while charging – Tecno H7 Problems And Their Solutions.

The quick fix for this problem is to change the USB cable. and if the problem remain the same, contact a technician to fix the charging port of the phone.

Tecno H7 Charging Problem And Solution

The USB cable is responsible for this problem. After ensuring that your charger is working fine and the USB cable is not faulty, you will have to contact a technician for help on this Tecno H7 Problems

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