Tecno G9 Charging Solution – Working Method

Tecno G9 Charging Solution – Working Method

So suddenly you plug your charger into your Tecno G9 tablet and found out that it is no longer charger. what could be wrong? Are you in trouble or will you spend money fixing the problem? Everywhere different phones keeps developing charging problems and Tecno G9 is not an exception. For this reason, we have provided some quick help on how to fix Tecno G9 Charging Solution – Working Method.

Tecno G9 Slow Charging Solution

All chargers are not the same. One charger may have a stronger charging capacity than the other. If you use a charger with lesser charging capacity or an incompatible charger for your G9, the phone will take time to charge. In order to speed up charging time, you should look for a better charge and if this is not possible, then turn your phone off while charging. This will reduce the time rate of charging.

Another thing to consider is the USB cable. For charger with USB cables, it is best to change both the charger and the USB cable except you are sure that the cable is an original one. If the cable is fake, creating contact between the charger and the phone may be a problem. While the phone may appear to be charging, the USB cable really hardly create a stable connection between the phone and the charger leading to slow charging.

Tecno G9 Fake Charging Solution

This is solely the fault of the battery. It is an indication that the battery is weak and needs to be replaced. Since Tecno batteries are inbuilt, you may need the help of a technician to replace it for you. If you cannot replace the battery at the moment for any circumstances, you can try improve the life of the battery by turning your phone off while charging, stop operating on high end games and always clear or remove any background app. See more on How To Make Your Battery Last Longer


Tecno G9 Not Charging Solution

After replacing the battery, checking on the charger and the USB cable, this issue should be considered as beyond you. You need a technician to fix a Tecno G9 that won’t charge – Tecno G9 Charging Solution

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