Tecno CX problems, Issues, Disadvantages And Solutions

Tecno CX problems, Issues, Disadvantages And Solutions

If you are having some challenges with your tecno Camon CX, here you will find some helpful tips to help you sort them out. All android phones come with some form of issues, the solutions to some of these problems is within our control. Only few of them we cannot resolve without the help of a technician. Below is a quick tip to Tecno CX problems, Issues, Disadvantages And Solutions.

Tecno CX Multitasking Problem

Originally, it seem that the CX is not programed to run more than 5 light apps at the same time in order to optimize RAM usage. So it should not be surprising to notice that an app that was recently launched starts from scratch when you come back to it. Here is what you can do to get more out of this device. Choose which 5 apps you want to run in background without force shorting. Usually, these apps should be your most frequently used apps. Here is how to do this.

Go to settings in the Himanager app. Once you are there click on clean up which is the third option. Select the 5 apps you want to keep in background here. You are done.

Tecno Camon CX Wifi Hotspot Problem

Your CX cannot detect any nearby wifi or connect to wifi network nearby. In some isolated cases, the CX wifi cannot even turn on or turn off on its own few seconds after putting it on. This same goes for hotspot connection.

The most comon fix for this problem is factory reset. However, factory reset has not perfectly worked for all cases. Flashing is sometimes required for this issue. If it is a hotspot problem, check the hotspot settings before you proceed to either factory reset or flashing. Check this out on How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

Tecno CX Charging Problem – Charging Slow

This is very unusual. However, the problem persist on some few cases. Sometimes a plugged in charger has to be positioned at a certain angle to charge or the charging is just too slow, taking hours of charging for few battery percentages. Here is what you can do

The first thing is to change the charger and the USB cable. Make sure you charge with the original charger and USB cable only. All chargers are not the same and USB cables like most other accessories has fake in the market. Once these two has been changed, your phone should charge normal. If not, replace the battery. If the battery is unhealthy and weak you will surely have this problem.

Tecno CX Battery Drains Fast

This should be the case if the battery has served for a long time, used for high end games, used for a very long time or charged with unsupported chargers and USB cables. In order to learn how to manage the use of your battery and prolong the battery life for your CX, see How To Make Your Battery Last Longer. Tecno CX problems, Issues, Disadvantages And Solutions

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  1. Kyei says:

    The volume and power buttons of my CX shakes slightly when touched. Is this a normal feature or its faulty.

  1. September 14, 2018

    […] you should keep in mind – most of these problems can be fixed using the same method. From Tecno camon CX problems to Tecno W3X memory problems, there are some similarities with the method of […]

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