Tecno Camon C7 Problems And Solutions

Tecno Camon C7 Problems And Solutions

Tecno C7 is just one of the devices among the Tecno Camon family. It is the successor of Camon C5 which was released earlier. Some users of this phone complained about it and we are providing the solution to these issues. In this post, Tecno Camon C7 Problems And Solutions, we provide practical ways to fix the challenges you now have.

Tecno Camon C7 Internet Connectivity Problems

This sometimes happens after and update, poor internet connections or wrong internet settings on the phone. See what you can do below.

Check to make sure that internet settings on your C7 is well configured. Contact your internet service providers for assistance on this. Normally, internet configuration on your C7 is automatically set for you.  If you are sure that the settings is well configuredhat the settings is well configured then it might be that internet connection at your present location is poor. Patiently wait or change your location for improved connections. If this happens after an update and others with the same device and internet connections are having smooth connections, you may want to reset your phone to factory reset and try again.

If factory reset fail to fix the problem, you should down grade the phone, factory reset it and run the update again. This should fix the problem you have with internet connectivity.

Tecno Camon C7 Charging problems

If the phone is fake charging or the charging connects and disconnects, it may be attributed to 4 major things. The USB cable, the charger, the Battery and the USB charging port are all related to the charging system of the phone.

Changing the charger and the USB cable should help. There are fake USB cables in the market that are not suitable for charging phones. Also, not all chargers are the same. If you get a fake cable and charger that is not strong enough to charge the Tecno C7, you may experience charging issues on the phone.

The battery is another thing to check. About the battery, we will talk more about it below. The last thing to check for if you are having charging problem is the charging port in the phone. It should be replaced. However, only a technician should do the replacement.

Tecno Camon C7 Problems And Solutions


Tecno Camon C7 Battery Drains Fast

Using your phone for a very long time without rest can make your battery drain fast. High end games and heavy downloads are not good for your battery.

If your battery has served for a relatively long time, it might become unhealthy and not last long. To save battery life, you should learn not to operate your phone for too long, turn it off while charging and avoid high end games and app. You can find more help here How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Tecno Camon C7 Power Solution

You turned the phone on and it refused to come on. Could it be battery problem? Well, there are lots of things that can cause your phone not to turn on. Consider some few of them and how to fix them.

If the phone  worked fine without coming in contact with water the previously and then the battery went flat and refused to charge and turn on, the the problem can either be from the charger, USB cable or battery. Change these and your phone should work fine.

If the phone come in contact with water, consider opening the phone as much as you can and then keep in a dry place, preferably under the sun for it to get dried. If this did not work and the phone is still dead, then consider contacting a technician.

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