Tecno Android Phones With Strong Battery

Tecno Android Phones With Strong Battery

Here we have a list of Tecno android phones with strong lasting batteries. If you are looking to buy a tecno phone with strong battery, then you may want to consider the list below. We have added the pictures of the phone and their battery capacities as well. This lists and the battery capacity is based on the specifications from the official Tecno website. We hope that this battery capacity rating will help you find the Tecno phone that will meet your need. Check them out – Tecno Phones with long lasting battery.

Tecno L5 Battery Capacity


The tecno L5 has 5000mAh Battery capacity and that makes it among the strongest on our list.

Tecno L8 Battery Capacity

Both Tecno L8 and L5 has the same battery capacity of 5000mAh. This is the highest we have at this time for Tecno phone batteries.

Tecno Phantompad 7II Battery Capacity

With 4,100mAh battery capacity, the Tecno Phantom 7II worth NO. 2 on our list.

 Tecno Phantom 6 plus Battery Capacity

Close to Phantom 7II battery capacity, the Phantom6plus has a battery capacity of 4050mAh. 4050mAh battery is surely a strong battery and that is why we consider this device in our list.

Tecno Camon C9 Battery Capacity

Tecno Android Phones With Strong Battery

The Camon c9 has a battery capacity of 3000mAh and the same goes with Camon C8, Phantom 5, and Boom J8.

We have a full list of all Tecno Android battery capacity below. Find all the Tecno Android Phones With Strong Battery. Tecno Phones with long lasting battery

Tecno PHANTOM 5 battery capacity

Tecno CAMOM C9 battery capacity

Tecno TECNO Y2 battery capacity

TECNO Y4 battery capacity

TECNO BOOM J7 battery capacity

TECNO Y6 battery capacity

TECNO W3 battery capacity

TECNO W4 battery capacity

TECNO CAMON C7 battery capacity

TECNO CAMON C5 battery capacity

TECNO PHANTOM 6 battery capacity

Tecno BOOM J8 battery capacity

Tecno CAMON C8 battery capacity

See the table below or join our forum for more information

TECNO L55,000mAh
TECNO L85,000mAh
PHANTOM 53,000mAh
CAMOM C93,000mAh
CAMON C83,000mAh
BOOM J83,000mAh
TECNO Y22,800 mAh
TECNO W42,000mAh
TECNO W32,000mAh
TECNO Y62,350mAh
TECNO Y41,800mAh


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