How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones

How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones

Does your phone hang or freeze when you are operating on it? This happens to most people. Straight to the point, here are the steps to take to solve this issue. How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones.

Note: This article only deals with phones that fully boot up and hang during operation. For phones that hang during booting and never completes booting, see my post on how to flash mobile phone. I this this should be very helpful.

Steps To Solve Hanging Problems

  1. Remove All Background Running Apps: When too many apps are opened in the background of your phone, things could get out of hands for the processor which run the task of keeping up with these running apps. Make sure all background apps are always removed.
  2. Remove High End App: The thing is that the most interesting games are the high end games. You need them, but they are hurting your phone. Uninstall these apps fro your device. If you want to try manage these apps on your phone, then be sure to remove other smaller apps and games from the phone. Before you open any high end game or apps, make sure now app is running in the background.
  3. Restart The Phone: With most recent phones being built with inbuilt batteries, it sometimes take a long time for users to put their phones off. So, restart the phone if the step one and two above fail to solve the problem.
  4. Factory Reset The Phone: Factory resetting mobile phones can solve many problems including hanging problems. This should be done if all steps above fail to solve your problem.
  5. Flash The Phone: This is not common. But when all steps above fail, have a technician flash the phone.


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