How To Service A Cell phone And Make It Work

What Is Phone Servicing?

In its simplest term, it is the cleaning of a phone PBC (Also known as panel, circuit board or mother board) with a brush, liquid substance and a heater. Servicing of a phone is easy and can fix most problems with mobile devices such as phone refusing to power on as a result of the phone coming in contact with water. In most cases, it is the first step technicians take when attempting to fix common issues with mobile phones. So, How To Service A Cell phone And Make It Work?

How To Service  A Cell phone And Make It Work

When To Service A phone

Servicing of phones will fix many hardware issues on mobile device. However, it is not necessary to do this in all cases. For example, a phone will normally not need servicing for a broken screen problem, a battery replacement is what is needed. It is only needed if your phone accidentally falls on water, the phone malfunctions (not in all cases), the screen does not display light and in some other related issues.

Servicing of phones does not fix software related problems and will only prove to be a waste of time to related problems in mobile phones are fixed in a different way and not by manually servicing the phone.

How To Service A Cell phone And Make It Work

We mentioned some items needed to service a phone above but not all. A phone cannot be serviced without being disassembled. On the other hand, you cannot disassemble a mobile phone without a screw driver. It is necessary to learn how to disassemble or open the mobile devices before you try to servicing it. You can learn how to disassemble a device here

In servicing a phone, the brush, a toothbrush, is soaked in a liquid (Some use locally made liquid such as petrol or methylated spirit.) and then used to brush off every dirt from the panel of the phone. If the phone was previously drained in water and some wrong connections were created between terminals of component (some metals especially in dirty water can bridge two or mores components together. Components that are not supposed to come in contact with each other), this could damage the phone or prevent some features from working properly. Brushing the phone in the process of servicing will clean off any metallic dirt causing bridges within components in the panel and break those connections.

It is not a difficult thing to service a mobile phone. There are not risk. The materials are readily available and easy to use. After, brushing off dirt from the phone, the process is not just finished yet. There is a little more to be done. The liquid used for the cleaning must be dried out immediately to be on a safe side.

There are different ways to dry out liquid from a phone. The fastest and easiest way isĀ  the use of the rework station heater. The phone quickly dry out even from under tiny components and ready for testing. The rework station heater can be regulated to give much or less heat and air. When drying a phone with it, much heat is not necessary. It will normally take a minute for a rework station to completely dry out any liquid from the panel.

Another way of keeping your Panel dry is the use of the natural heat, the Sun. it take a little longer depending on the temperature. One should be careful when the sun becomes an option. Rain may start falling anytime. Other methods of keeping a phone panel dry is the use of a Microwave, Stove and a hot Bulb or Lamp.

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