How To Replace Tecno W3 W4 C8 C9 CX N9 Battery

How To Replace Tecno W3 W4 C8 C9 CX N9 Battery

Do you feel the need to remove and replace your old battery? For good reason yes. If the battery has become too weak and unhealthy, it could cause you lots of stress. To keep up with frequest use of your phone, you have to charge the battery more. Or maybe the phone now fake charge and battery last for a very short time. This really is a stress – How To Replace Tecno W3 W4 C8 C9 CX N9 Battery.

To replace your Tecno non removable battery, all you need I a star mouth screw driver and nothing more. Only make sure you follow the instructions in this post and use good judgment in doing so. Lets get started with the process.

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  • Get a Star mouth screw driver
  • Remove the back casing of the phone
  • Use the screw driver to unscrew any screw from the back cover (do not apply too much for)
  • When all screws are removed, remove the back cover(in some cases, this is easy to remove. If you find it hard to remove the back cover, use a flat object to remove from the side)
  • Once the back cover is removed, use the screw driver to unscrew all the screws holding the battery to the phone.
  • Remove the battery terminal from the phone by either pulling it or raising it up gently (care is needed here)
  • Remove the battery from the phone (Most batteries are glued to the phone. You may need to apply a little force to remove)
  • Insert the replacement battery terminal and screw it to the phone.
  • Turn the phone on to see if you are successful. If yes screw the back cover to the phone.
  • Done
  • How To Replace Tecno W3 W4 C8 C9 CX N9 Battery

This is something everyone can do. If you ever have a similar challenge, don’t wast money looking for a repairer. Do it your self.

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