How To Repair Phone Mouthpiece – Microphone

How To Repair Phone Mouthpiece

First of all, what is the mouthpiece? It is a small component with either 2 terminals or 4 terminals located at the bottom of your phone PCB (mother board or panel) that is solely responsible for recording your voice for either storage or transmission or both. Ok, maybe that was hard for you to understand. Let me break it down. The mouthpiece is a microphone. Without the mouthpiece, if you record a sound with your phone, you cannot hear it if you play the recorded sound. Also, if you make a call, the other person answering the call cannot hear you. This explanation seems easy right? Now let’s get down to out topic – How To Repair Phone Mouthpiece.

It is not easy to do this but if have the nerves, just follow the instructions here and you are good. Below is the picture of Infinix x507 mouthpiece circled in red and then the picture of Tecno C9 mouthpiece circled in green. Note that the Infinix mouthpiece has 2 terminals under it that connects it to the PCB while the Tecno mouthpiece has 4 terminals under it that connects it to the PCB.


How To Repair Phone MouthpieceLocation of mouthpieceHow To Repair Phone MouthpieceIn the pictures above, notice that all mouthpiece are located at the bottom of the phone and not elsewhere. Now that we have the location, let us now go into how to remove and replace it.

What You Need To Get Started With Microphone Not Working Repair

  • A set of screw drivers
  • A heater (rework station)
  • Sufficient light
  • A soldering iron
  • A picker

See the list of complete tools for repairing phones and how to use them here

How To Repair Phone Mouthpiece

  • First of all, turn the phone to its back and remove unscrew all the screws from it back. Be sure there are no screws left.
  • Try to tactfully remove the back cover fro the phone
  • When the phone opens, locate the mouthpiece at the bottom of the phone panel (See picture above)
  • Use your heater to heat out the mouthpiece if it looks like any of those above. If the heat is sufficient, the mouthpiece can the be picked out with your picker. Use a soldering iron to removed mouthpiece that are soldered to the panel

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