How To Remove Virus From Tecno Phone

How To Remove Virus From Tecno Phone

It is common these days for Virus to colonize android devices. For one thing, we have more access to the internet and download lots of things. We hardly take time to ask whether or not what we are downloading is safe. The truth is if you download an app or a game from untrusted sites often and install them, it is likely that you will soon notice virus on your phone.

How Do I know If There Is Virus In My Phone?

If there is virus on your phone, the phone will malfunction. It may prevent other apps from launching when you tap on them. It can also launch apps and games on it own even when you have not tap on them. Some viruses can turn your data connection on without your notice and start downloading files. Sometimes, these files could even be malicious and annoying. Have you noticed any of these with your device? What can you do?

Tecno Tablets Problems And Their Solutions

Removing The Virus From Your Phone

The First Thing to do is to restrict background data on your phone. See how to restrict background data here. Restricting background data helps to prevent the virus from launching other apps without your approval. However, depending on the nature of the virus and the extent to which it has infested your phone, restricting background data may not work.

To enable them carry out their “evil” work, viruses usually download some apps that looks like original apps and install them in the ROM (Read Only Memory) of the phone so that it cannot be easily notices and uninstalled. Although these apps cannot be uninstalled, they can be force close and disabled. If you can disable these apps, your phone may return to normal. Because these apps looks like the original, it may be difficult to which one of the apps in the app management in the settings of your phone contains virus. An easy way to disable them is to download an antivirus app from Google Play store and disable these malicious apps with the antivirus app.

Disabling malicious apps manually or with the use of an antivirus app does not work in all cases. If this is true in your case, you may need to flash your phone with a new ROM. This should be done only by an expert technician – How To Remove Virus From Tecno Phone

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    […] when the problem is the result of virus, your best option is to have the phone flashed, but you can still manage the virus by restricting the apps causing the problem. You cannot delete these […]

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