How To Remove virus From Your Android Phone

How To Remove virus From Your Android Phone

When there is virus or malicious applications in your phone, the phone will malfunction. The virus will take control of your device and make it hard for you to operate. Sometimes, when you are operating your phone, the application or game you open can just shut down on it own and pop out some apps that are strange to you. In some other phones and tablets, a virus or malicious application can cause such phones or tablets to rum slow, download unnecessary apps and games and hide some of the default apps such as contact and camera. If this happens, your internet speed will be affected and your data plan will get exhausted faster than normal – How To Remove virus From Your Android Phone

How To Restrict The Virus.

consider 3 ways this virus can be handled. The first and second method will help restrict the virus and allow you to use your device, while the third method will remove the virus permanently from your device. However, the third method is a bit complex and should be left for a technician to try.

  • Restricting background data
  • Disabling malicious apps
  • Flashing the devices

Restricting Background Data

  1. Go to the “settings” of your  device.
  2. Locate “data usage” and open it
  3. When the “data usage” has been tapped, Now tap on the menu button and a pop up will be displayed. (notice that in some devices especially in tablets with no option key to tap, the horizontal lines can be found either at the top or bottom right of the screen which serve as the option key.)
  4. In the pop up display, locate ‘restrict background data’ and tap on it
  5. Tap on “OK” and you are done.

What this mean is that you have restricted all applications from running except you tap on them. This will also prevent any malicious app from running if you did not open it. If your phone download games and apps you did not approve, they will immediately stop. This step can also be taken to save battery life. See here for more information on saving battery life

Disabling malicious apps

  1. Go to “settings” again
  2. Tap on “App” (App management in some devices)
  3. Scroll to the “All Apps”
  4. From the list of apps here, check for strange apps that may likely contain virus.
  5. Once detected, tap on the app, disable it and force stop it.

A more reliable way to disable a malicious app is to allow it to pop up. When this happens, go to recently opened apps by holding on the home key for 3 seconds (In some phones, a different key is used to open recently opened apps). In the recently opened apps tap and hold on the malicious app until App Info appears. Taping on the app info will take you to the app info section where you can disable it -How To Remove virus From Your Android Phone

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