How To Remove Tecno Tablet Battery

How To Remove Tecno Tablet Battery

There are many reasons why you want to remove your Tecno tablet battery. Perhaps, the battery is bad and needs replacement or you feel removing the replacing it back will fix some sort of issues with the phone. Unlike some Tecno phones, if the phone freezes or refuse to turn off, you fix it by simply removing the battery and replacing it. But in Tecno tablets, you have to wait until the battery drains and turn off, something that could take up to an hour or more depending on the charge percentage of the battery. In this post, we consider How To Remove Tecno Tablet Battery

How Can I remove Tecno Tablet Battery

What you need

  • Star mouth screw driver
  • Flat mouth screw driver
  • Soldering Iron (depending on the model)

You will have the remove the screw from the back of the tablet. The numbers of screws you will remove from the tablet depends on the model you are working on. Some of the screws can easily be found at the back. Also remove the SIM and SD card cover, you may find at least one screw to unscrew there. The star mouth screw driver is used to unscrew all the screws. Double check to ensure that no screw is left unscrew.

When all screws have been removed, use the flat mouth screw driver to separate the bottom casing from the top casing. The space between these two casing can be found at the side if the tab. Be sure not to prick the flat screw driver far inside the phone as is possible if too much force is applied during this process. Gently remove the casing from all sides.

Once the bottom casing is removed, you will see the battery just at the back. Some Tecno tablet models have soldered batteries while others have clipped contacts points that connects them to the tab. Use the soldering iron to unsolder batteries that are soldered to the tab’s panel (PBC).How To Remove Tecno Tablet Battery



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