How To Remove Tecno Camon C8 Battery

How To Remove Tecno Camon C8 Battery

As you are aware of, the tecno Camon C8 Battery is not the same with most other devices with detachable batteries. The battery is inbuilt and tightly crewed. Check the picture below – How To Remove Tecno Camon C8 Battery.

How To Remove Tecno Camon C8 Battery

Steps To Remove Tecno Camon C8 Battery 

  1. Remove the back cover of the phone so the it looks the way the picture is
  2. Use a flat object to pull off the battery terminal (the battery terminal is in the green rectangle in the picture above)
  3. use a star mouth screw driver to unscrew all the screws holding the battery to the PCB (screw locations are identified with red circle in the picture above. Not all crew locations are marked with red circle. find the others and unscrew).
  4. Remove the battery when all the screws have been removed and you are done

How To Replace Tecno Camon C8 Battery

  1. Place the new battery into it location in the phone
  2. Tighten all the screws to hold the battery in position
  3. Push the battery connector back into its clip
  4. Cover the back of the phone with the back battery cover and you are done.

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  1. May 25, 2017

    […] Battery is inbuilt and should not be removed by users. If you think it is something you can do then check out this help guild. […]

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