How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery

How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery

Unlike most phones with with inbuilt batteries, the Infinix Zero family inbuilt batteries have slightly different pattern or removing and replacing them. This method require a very sharp edged object with a star mouth screw driver. Below is are some pictures describing the process of How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery.

What You need

  • A flat sharp edged object (Razor)
  • A star mouth screw driver
  • A flat screw driver

The Process

Turn the phone to its back and remove the back cover with the sharp object. The point marked red in the picture below is where you should start from

How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery

Next, use the star mouth screw driver to remove all the screws from the back panel (battery protector). All locations with screw are marked with red circle below. After that use a flat screw driver to remove the back panel out of the phone. See picture.

How To Remove Infinix Zero Battery

When the back battery protector cover has been removed you need to remove the battery terminals that is clipped to the phone main panel (mother board). Gently pull it upward to remove it.

Now you can safely remove the battery from the phone. The battery is glued to the phone, so you have to be careful but apply a little force to remove it.



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